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Super Bowl Tonight at 6pm

pawn shop

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pawn shop

Well, the Boston Red Sox won the world series last year.......

so much fun to watch and cheer !


Now the New England Patriots are in the super bowl tonight at 6pm.


Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Bill Belichick, Faulk, Harrison, Bruschi....so many great players !


Another classic Boston vs New York rivalry match-up.


Bars will be packed

People with 50' plasma tv's will have house parties

Truckers will have the game on the radio

I'm talkin' all over America


I have tomorrow off from work.

This, for me, is like what New Year's Eve is for others.

The young boss said, " are you sure you want Monday off "???

ooooooohhhhhh boy icon_rolleyes.gif


Of course, I have seen the home team lose too

just because a team makes it into the playoffs.......

it's often a sad experience to get so far as a team.....

and the other team is smiling and high fiving others.....

knowing they have won.....and are moving on........

the final game is much more respectable tp deal with....


Go Pats !



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Hey Jonathan, I too am going to a Superbowl Party today... They play at 3 here. A friend has a huge party every year on Superbowl Sunday, big barbeque, the guys whooping it up in front of the 50' flat screen and the wives, some watch, others gossip. More watch when it is a local team. This year, not a lot of interest. But I do hope the Pats win.


George Seifert who was at one time coach of the 49ers, is a friend and when the Niners were in the game, the party grew to over a hundred with a couple of regulars absent because they were lucky enough to be George's guests at the game. He may be at the party since his is retired. He has a home here.


It is a Big Day, have a great time!



~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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pawn shop

They LOST !! UGGHH !!

HOW !!!????

"18 and done"....said the Boston Globe....

so much for the 'perfect season'...... icon_neutral.gif

wait til next year !! GO PATS !!

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