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Important information for the use of an afs array


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Here is another thing that I had a great deal of fun doing, that came out of my Sentences that make no sense! exercise...



The appropriate level of scrulching is to be adjusted by the regulation of the springpin's angle of pitch along their respective vibratory-rods- relative to each other, as well as their attack on passthrough waves at any given time of day or night- in this way assuring the proper flows of psyphlomatic energy emissions of the correspondent sectors (again, determining the levels from each psyphlo-rod's attainment field state, or afs, as well as any related sub-flow variants.)


A proper array will be the sole responsibility of the operator on duty- however corrections to misarranged attacks and the causal varients should not be considered serious, and other operators globally will have opportunity to readjust such levels as deemed necessary for their particular sectors, giving rise to additional flux and causation in the field...


Put into other words, mistakes in arrays can and will most often be corrected by offsite facilities during their regular operations, further altering the field state, thus allowing for some creativity and spontaneity in array tonality. However this is NOT to be used to advantage a sector operator's field maintenance schedule in an undue way, and responsibility naturally rests on said operators skill and experience in array management.


Punitive actions for mismanagement may include the removal of the array from the operators sector station, which would result in permanent dismissal from the psyphlomant rotation. No recourse is available. The following warnings are herewith to be headed; 1.maintenance of your array is of the utmost importance to the afs.

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Hello rumisong,



Your combination of technical theme and terms with those of popular psychology/philosophy gives a nebulous sense of the impossible in this delightful read. Some of these details are quite unforgettable:


scrulching, psyphlomatic psyphlo-rod', flux and causation in the field... psyphlomant rotation, sub-flow variants.


Your exercise certainly makes sense in a nonsensical way that the works of the wonderful Ogden Nash do.




Thank you for a good read.










Even a single enemy is too many and a thousand friends too few - Bhutanese saying.

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