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Poetry Magnum Opus

Lady Wonderful


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Ok, I dunno why but I am writing prose. Like it or not here it comes :


Lady Wonderful


And then one day, suddenly, without any reason whatsoever, Lady Wonderful got totally sober. And she could see the world through her bright black eyes. The full round moon in the black sea of night. It was fatally round, she thought. And she could see dust flying off it to the stars or was it light, she couldn't tell. She found it exceedingly beautiful.


How wonderful it would be to go to the moon one of these days with Mr Wonderful. He might like it there and they would get some light for their darker days, she thought. She really liked the idea and smiled. She imagined the day when Mr Wonderful would drive her to the moon and she would try to be totally somber that day. Mr Wonderful liked somber. And she would be so, like Kitty's eyes.


How wonderful Kitty was. She loved cats and walked into their garden to pluck out roses for her dining table. And Kitty could talk all day about politics. She would love to be as somber as Kitty's blue eyes. How Mr wonderful doted on the pretty little girl and would go for long walks with her in the shrubbery. Oh she how would love to be like the seas that broke themselves in those eyes but would never come out.


But Lady Wonderful was usually cheerful and politics would take things no where. But Mr wonderful won't understand that. Mr wonderful could never understand why she was cheerful. She couldn't understand why he wasn't. But politics was sheer talk to her. How could they help poor in Myanmar and not give money to Sagar so that he could happily marry his daughter. And Mr wonderful thought that this creepy thing that he called politics was most vital and he would talk about it all day long with Kitty in the shrubbery while she was finding answers.


But she was sober today and the moon was fatally round. And she thought how wonderful it would be to go to the moon and sit on one of its hills and then perhaps they can talk about themselves.

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