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Poetry Magnum Opus

Rain Koan


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Rain Koan


I respect the sense of impending rain

the heaviness, the suspension of self

but no rain comes. Are we to call our

First people liars? The Rain Dancers

just magical thinkers, in motion


beneath an empty sky

stretching from horizon to horizon

an unfamiliar feeling to those living

in valleys, earth hiding the curve

of heaven except for the myth

of rainbows, articulated

here as "Everything

is trying, to prove

the perfection

of its own




along the bend

we can ask, "What is perfection?"

Where does it come from

and where does it go?

In my case laziness

is often confused

with wisdom-


A heavy cloud

limits the sky


the deer lay down

giving in________to the inevitable


it begins to rain.

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"Where does it come from/ where does it go?"


Ahh, where indeed!


Now let me show you the face of your unborn child .... your grandchildren, lining up even now to be born. All these things are foretold and already set in motion. All that is required is patience and the suspension of disbelief.


In the meantime, as you mention, it rains ...



Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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