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Poetry Magnum Opus

A Thought for David Paolo Castrillon


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A Thought for David Paolo Castrillon

born June 2nd 2009 to Holly and Fernando


You can't outsmart Truth

or outrun its consequence

Power and Priests fear birth

ordinary people seeing beyond


the lies of Self and Other

not a replication of parents

or a simple inheritance, bigger

than an articulation of emptiness


A solid form denying loneliness

separation and radical isolation

a Depth, terrifyingly familiar

proof once and for all


that we belong.

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Another interesting and provacative piece. At first I stumbled over the idea of power and priest fearing birth but you quickly defined this fear. I clearly see how the breathtaking experience of a newly born life would evoke the thoughts herein. Well crafed and smoothly presented.



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Well done, Dr. Con. You seized the moment and produced a meaningful gift that lasts. My own niece and nephew were baptised/christened the other day, and I would have liked to have written a poem for the occasion, but the idea came to me too late.icon_sad.gif



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Thanks Tinker, RG, Tony!


Appreciate the feedback- The least I could do- Fernando wrote the introduction to my new book of Poetry (The Heaping up of Small Things) available before the end of the month;-)


Much Grace!



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