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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Schoolboys Demon's


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The Schoolboy's



The factory Siren sounds aloud, the noise permeates his ears.

Stirring him from a peaceful sleep,

from a land without his fears.


"Time to get up now," whisper the demons in his mind.

He tries to block them out,

"GET UP, GET UP, its school today, "

the demons rant and shout.


He gets up, gets dressed, and goes down stairs,

eats breakfast whilst watching the news.

How can I avoid school today,

he ponders as he chews.


"Get a move on luv", his mum sings out,

in that now familiar tune,

she kisses his cheek...strokes his hair.

Unaware of his pending doom.


He walks alone, toward the school,

his fear growing as he nears.

There they are...waiting for him,

Preparing their evil jeers.


"Hey Smithy, we hoped you'd died last night,"

"you fucking little wimp, "

"Yea,why don't you just kill yourself."

Another throws the remnants of a drink.


He walks ahead, through the ragged crowd.

They're laughing all around,

"Direct hit mate!!", they all shout,

feeling very proud.


He walks swiftly on, toward the school,

trying not to run.

He prays that that's all over for now,

they've had their bit of fun.


The road seems long, but in fact, is not.

He sees the nearing gates.

Now he can be a normal boy,

just being with his mates.


He's an average lad who loves to learn.

He's creative without a doubt.

But the work he does is often ruined,

by these jealous and spiteful louts.


And when they find that he's alone

they pinch... and punch... and jab.

He struggles hard not to let them see.

His pain... his tears... so sad.


The pain was real, That boy was me.

The demons, they still come to see,

if they can cause me further pain.

They wake me from my sleep,

and call my name.


"Time to get up now", "its school today"...

...they whisper...



By David T Smith

Copyright 20th June 2009

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Though I'm no expert, I might characterize this one as confessional. Told in the voice of the victim, the poem examines many facets of schoolyard bullying: the perpetrators' cruelty, parental unawareness, and the narrator's lasting emotional scars. The reader can certainly empathize.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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