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Poetry Magnum Opus

No Rule of Three


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To get a message across a screen using bullets,

follow the rule of three. The rule of thirds

keep subjects in focus too.


But, there supposed to be exceptions. A riddle

may not subscribe to rules. A bullet-riddled body

violates this rule.


To count is a basic skill. Can you reach beyond

56? What is the sound of 100 guns each firing

three bullets? and more?


You would have discovered no new rules.

There are no women or children to isolate.

There are only objectives.


Even in peace time, the earth is wet

with bloodied bodies.

"Words are not things, and yet they are not non-things either." - Ann Lauterbach

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Hi Joel,


This poem requires a lot of thinking (at least for me). I'd ask myself "what is rule of three"? "What is so significant of the number 56"? I like the ending when "peace time" is juxtopsed by "bloodied bodies". An engaging read. Another 14 line poem?


Enjoyed it.



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Powerful. I am convinced what you speak of is what you see/have seen. I feel like you have not told us everything you saw. Cannot hurt expanding. If yo say there is a "rule of three", I am compelled to believe you, and 100 is just a number, but the 56 throws me too. My fault for not being up to what is going in many far parts of the world.


Comma not needed at end of L1. 1st word of L3 should be plural (rule....keeps). L4 the aux. verb/copula "are" is missing unless I miss the entire sense of that stanza.


Thanks for the powerful images.



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Hi Joel, I have been reading articles about violence in the outlying regions of the Philipines and have thought of you often with concern even though you assured us before that you were not directly in the dangerous arenas. Now I read this poem and worry once more. Your imagery is powerful and real. It doesn't sound like one removed from the sounds and sights. I, like others will have to ponder the "rule of 3" unless it is that death comes in threes..... Nor do I understand the number 56... but I don't think either matters, the power of the poem still comes through.



~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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This is very realistic poem, Joel. I like the way how you are writing.

You did great job at the end:


Even in peace time, the earth is wet

with bloodied bodies.


Can't be better.



The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth - Jean Cocteau

History of Macedonia



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