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Poetry Magnum Opus

Addicted to Addiction


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Addicted to Addiction


You must break your habit of lycanthropy

changing willy-nilly because you believe

in the Moon cult of Abraham one God

above the Many howling through

Destruction Fear and Anger

the Holy Trinity


But there is a reason you have been hunted

with torches reflected in the peaceful

water ever-changing always racing

to be perfectly still while motion

continues lamarkian evolution

ever-turning ever-burning

without-end except



The secret hope when your're drunk or stoned alone in the rain

Mothers Husbands doctors lawyers all fight with the demon

the one who bites on the leg bleary-eyed and scared

to get up and report Why bother Why bother

the tape-loop of the alarm about to go-off

challenging notions of dream and reality

echoes echoes you know what it means


Both and Maybe

night-light shivers

possibility runs amok

light-ape hairy-angel

just different than this

feeling of being bad banal

or crazy a victim of victims

wolf or a lamb always wanting

to be one or another listen

quite carefully you are

Hunter and Prey

Both and None

but Neither.

Edited by dr_con
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Have you posted this before Dr C.? I think I've googled 'lycanthropy' in this or one of your other poems. I can't imagine another poet using the term!


Always interested in references to harry - Harry Haller?



'night-light shivers' was a hidden gem, not sure 'subatomic' fits the poem's lexis (perhaps that's my bias, expectation).



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Badge- Thank you for commenting- I've added some edits in response... Yes, I've used lycanthropy before :icon_redface: ! But no this is anew piece- Gotta love the werepeople- at least I do...


Maybe I shoulda kept the harry rather than the hirsute, but as you point out that would be outside of the poem's lexis---


Really, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to engage in my meanderings!


Much appreciation,



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This is too deep for me to handle. :icon_redface: I came back a couple of times and thought I should let you know that I've been here.


I like the title. Yes, what else can be more addictive than "Addicted to Addiction"?


S1 has a really nice internal rhyme I felt while reading. I can't tell what exactly it meant to me, but I fell like sitting in meditation, going into a trance state ...

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I wonder. Is it time to defy the high and help allay/the self-inflicted torment, to maroon/addictions which beget afflictions? Maybe. I don't know why I do some of the things I do. I just do them.


I never thought of lycanthropy as an addiction. Addicted to the addiction, like being in love with being in love. The metaphor offers an interesting perspective for the behaviors under examination.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Lake- no worries you actually got the idea perfectly- It was inspired by sitting meditation, the sense of the alarm about to go off, the deep wanting to change but into what, yourself ;-)


Tony thanks for the poetic thought and the insight- everything folds into everything else- some of the chemical allies become very much like the run through the woods- illuminating at first and then the addiction begins the addiction to 'the change' the avoidance of the simple-self or ordinary mind always running in circles the beast and its feast first one and the other...


Or so it seems to me :-)


Many thanks to you both for taking the time to engage!



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