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Poetry Magnum Opus

Common Cause


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Common Cause


What about your life They asked

and he rolled a newbie mistake

listing everyone he knew friends

enemies radicals freedom-fighters

his coffee vendor and anyone-pieces

and places of truth-If I had been there


I would have said Mcdonalds has killed

more people than heroin for the last 30 years

or tell a story like this:


The Weeping Willow by the Stream

stood as signpost the OUT-of-BOUNDS

for a sword fights with dry ragweed blades

The limits of the garden delineated by chickenwire

and Sears wood fence poles spills wild and tender

into the fallow orchard space with Gooseberries

Raspberries Strawberries and even Peas Grapes

and Dill care little for arbitrary agreements

of ownership or blame filled contracts

but they do occasionally respect

bargains with lawnmowers

and Rototillers--Kafka

would laugh:


Today's children would resort to a search-engine

to filter and grasp words like Gooseberry-- O a small Kiwi

or Rototiller-- An industrial age replacement for the plow

Contracts and Original sin are the same part of the dis-

ambiguation background to all thoughts of good bad

and indifferent understood compensation for criminal

and victim-- Walmart Microsoft Starbucks

and purveyors of high fashion a recession

of rock-bottom-prices purses and shoes

sold for more than the slaves will make

this year or any-other Claritin answers

What is Ragweed Pollen fought

by models with fashionable

Glasses A Full Stop:


Cheerful Abstractions- Dulls sane

Breaks common cause- No welts

and hysterical laughter to distract

from this game of winners losers

a simulation of Earth without pain

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This poem spans at least three decades. From Sears and Rototillers to the giants of today, it tracks back as far as I can remember (to the 1970's, that is). Speaking from experience, the Common Cause, as glorious as it may be, inevitably degenerates to la-la-land. I enjoyed the look back.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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