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Poetry Magnum Opus

Heaven On Earth


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My bag rattles loudly


As my cart rolls along


All of us are laughing


One breaks out in song




The sun is shining brightly


A soft wind stirs the trees


Giddy with excitement


We grab our balls, and tees



Who shall have first honors


To whip out his big stick


Smack that ball a long way


Give it, a real lick



I guess, I am the man


I whisper, "come on please"


Stay inside the fairway


Don't go into the trees



I let loose the power


Give it a mighty smack


A few seconds later


I hear a sudden crack



And then out of nowhere


The ball is flying back


We all dive for cover


Like we're under attack



Well you can imagine


The looks upon our faces


As we all stand back up


From our hiding places



Laughter breaks the silence


And they all look so pleased


For they weren't the first ones


On this day to get teased

Edited by fader
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Oh yes! This made me giggle as I remembered my father's ability to never take himself too seriously, especially when it came to golf... thanks for this fun piece!



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Frank E Gibbard

As an ex-golfer (ex-everything these days) I enjoyed particularly liked your style fader. A slice (golf term) of life funnily told, as I said elsewhere - delightful.

Edited by Frank E Gibbard
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Hi, Rob. I read this and I see how much I missed your poetry, as well. It's always good to read such enjoyable piece. Well done, my friend.



The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth - Jean Cocteau

History of Macedonia



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There's a lot of fun here, fader. This could be a very good poem for children and you are a good children's poetry writer.


Glad to read you here and thanks for your comment on my poem.



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