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Poetry Magnum Opus

among friends


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I am FRESH AIR today

among friends

not forgotten by my not forgetting

these wondersouls of word and love

beings that wander leaves

and again lost to the


forever placed in significant boxes

next to special crockery and

well used spoons


in the most used cupboard of the house


to arrive hungry and know a meal

to arrive tired and have a footstool delivered

and a cat to warm the legs

freely curled and comforted


I have a song for you

the dulcimer has survived the journey

so you might soften your labor

for a day, or an evening

have a drink

with the breeze and me

living this fire

sidle up to the bench

the work of liberation is our calling now

you play the pots, should your flute not be near

the kitchen staff wont mind

cheese is all they want

and I want you


and grateful

warmed bricks

and a hearts repose

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Good to read you again Rumi! And what a delightful re-introduction- I loved the sense and scent of this- I was warmed and inspired by this lyrical ode to home and the moment;-)



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Thanks you guys!


thats just what it was for me yesterday, a homecoming, when I dropped by- as if Id been away on a long voyage, and found familiar cobbles beneath my feet, and the signs of old friends left in the window- that they were in the fields at work just thn, but we would meet up later on the porch... it felt just like that!


warmth and smiles and song


very glad to be back :)


(I have a bit more steady internet connection now, for a while at least- and hopefully that, and being here will get me to some more poet-like-stuff, yes?)

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See who's back! What a warm feel this poem delivered. Loved "fresh air" and the household items and the cat, warmed bricks.


Welcome back!



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Home, sweet home. :). Wonderful expressed poem. Many of you guys, are expressing yourself so easily when comes to some nice feeling as in this poem. So, I am wondering how you do that?! Rumi, how you did this, here you have the honor to answer me :). Why for me is always a big deal to write something like this, and I never come up with a relaxing and nice poem?! :unsure:


Much enjoyed this poem, and I loved the part about a cat to warm the legs.



The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth - Jean Cocteau

History of Macedonia



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