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Is anyone here familiar with this notion of Theopoetics?


Ive been looking into it for a while now (since you guys have known me, about)... and so, some links to explain/ describe/ intrigue, if it pleases you


the Wikipedia page on the topic


a decent starter site on the topic


the youtube page associated with the above site


specific vids from that youtube site (my own personal recommends for intro, in other words)

here (very brief intro)




but MOST of all, please do catch this vid, which discusses poetry and poetics and how these words are used in this notion of theopoetics, but more than that, it seems to speak EXACTLY to how I think of poetry in any realm...


Poetry and Poetics

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I fail to see where that video on Poetry and Poetics is all that significant. Thus Heidegers views re definition of poetry, poems and poets, esp. on poetry should be held as more believable and more universally acceptable to all philosophies. Ever since Aristotle the prevailing view may be that poetry is undefinable. A major doubt is cast on Heideger's readoning is the statement That "pure prose is ...." No one can truly say there is such a thing as pure prose.


The only sure thing is that prose and verse are the two different modes of using language, i.e., prose is not the opposite of poetry, and that poetry can be written in either, wherefore arguing that 'pure prose' is poetic is not a believable premise for critical thinking about poetry and what it is.


We certainly may use similes that endeavour to say what poetry is like, but those are arguable descriptions while a definition is a term used to say that something is anything but arguable.

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