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Poetry Magnum Opus

above the grocer's store


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you used to make me run downstairs

to the grocer's store below your apartment

- after we'd made love -

to buy you cigarettes and chocolate


and i remember how beautifully ugly

the autumnal streets of London used to look

as i'd rush along the pavements

from your front door


litter and rusty leaves racing across the grey

the brown flat expanse of the park opposite

lined in the distance with the skeletal silhouettes

of old English oaks


and the bleak vapour trails from passing areoplanes

adorning the brittle pale blue sky

like the elegant patterns on your pretty

Alfred Meakin bone china


i'd always enter the store smiling and smelling of sex

and Mr. Naidoo would always grin at me knowingly

placing the 20 Silk Cut cigarettes and Lindt chocolate

on the counter before i'd said a word


then on the busy street again

the cold air catching in my throat as i'd

rush back to you ecstatically

bumping into strangers as i dodged through the fruit sellers


re-entering the apartment was always my favourite part

the perfumed smoke from the incense

the heat from the radiators

The Cure playing loudly on the cd player


and your outstretched tattooed arms

welcoming me back into the sultry masculinity

of their warm and secure


Edited by douglas

To receive love, you have to give it...

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Interesting piece, Doug. It seems your trip to England has inspired you as well :). This poem is very vivid, shows the mood, the atmosphere all of it.

Thank you for sharing.



The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth - Jean Cocteau

History of Macedonia



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Agree with Alek, Douglas. The mood, the atmosphere, the structure of the relationship -- I don't think any of it could be expressed any better. I can visualize and feel all of it perfectly.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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thank you alex and tony for your lovely, complimentary words!


it was a very passionate and vivid affair - so inspiration, memories and images flowed easily from finger to page.

Edited by douglas

To receive love, you have to give it...

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