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Poetry Magnum Opus

Wanting to Wake


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Wanting to wake


You hear stories told about being Human

often by voices pretending to be Silence

The gentle Sumerian winds bring Yeast

to the people pens of great cattle Gods

colonizing suffering creating Citizens

who drunkenly Yes to our Civilization


They lie

wanting to be human

these plants and beasts know

We have forgotten here amid laws and letters

technology and techniques whose origins defy us


I want to greet a king dressed as a servant

as Jelalludin Rumi does in his eternal garden desert

unexpected love holding court in images of sunshine

gleefully announced by mad weathermen our unseasonal fortune

Brazil and Australia drown while 46 of the lower 48 shiver and shovel


The consequences of our bargain broken vows

to our own innate royalty unable or unwilling

to renegotiate our contract we choose

to live in squalor shantytowns

on the imaginary borders

of Eden.

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I like 'gentle Sumerian winds' - reminds me of my childhood reading, a vague memory of early writing, though what constitutes 'civilisation' and its consequences...either way there's light to celebrate in the small worlds of past and present within the media driven gloom and impending disasters, allowing some future hope.


thought provoking as always Dr C.



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So much good in this one, Juris. The first verse is especially hard-hitting with "almost human," the great cattle Gods/colonizing suffering creating Citizens, and "yes'ing" the "civilization." Really that's what it's like. And, as Badge did, I like the Sumerian reference. It brings to mind the possible Sumerian origins of the Estonian people, but that's just a theory. Then, to drive the points home, comes the unpleasant reminder that we choose/to live in squalor shantytowns/on the imaginary borders/of Eden. Welcome back.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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This intriguing poem contains various lines of though provoking issues. The first stanza caught my eye with it's Sumerian reference. Over all it makes one wonder if mankind is some sort of an experiment on Earth. There is an interesting short article to this effect with reference to the Sumerians on the link provided. I came across it while looking for comparisons in different cultures to the great flood of Noah. :) Benjamin. http://xfacts.com/eyes.htm

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Badge, Tony, Benjamin- Many thanks for your thoughtful responses- Tony I didn't know the Sumerian/ Estonian link- although according to the etymology Old Latvians roots are Sanskrit in nature;-) Ahhh Benjamin- indeed, but I was referring more to Beer and civilization but the alien influence is possibly in my head since discussing Sitchin's work. And Badge glad you found this thought provoking...


Many Thanks,



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I really loved this poem, Juris. I loved the expressions. "The gentle Sumerian winds" offers a lot to the poem. I enjoyed so much this poem. Wonderful!



The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth - Jean Cocteau

History of Macedonia



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