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Poetry Magnum Opus


Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Why is there a need for one to seek repentance during the course of one's life? To answer that question seriously! You need to realise first there is a developement in your environment's surroundings when you do a assessment & self-analysis. Take a portrait of everything that is critical & meaningful. In this reflection instead of being happy you are sad. If there is little joy or no joy but only discomfort where there should be zest or passion & you see depression, sadness, desires, & or hurting in you or others don't let these terms start to control you. It is time to step back & take a glance at your attitudes & moods.These examples of depression mentioned above can be felt by you, others or both parties involved. You usually don't start looking for solutions to problems until a series of events in your life cause seperation from reality when you notice things such as signs you show pain, sorrow, regrets, or you have crying spells or notice crying spells in another or other family members. Many times a spouse hurts the feelings of their partner(this includes boyfriend-girlfriend spats!). Reasons mentioned above can trigger family issues(such as mental, physical, infidality, sexual, incestual, sexual abuse on child(ren)), friends(verbal or physical fighting), cheating on spouse, work(stealing, embezelment, not getting along with boss or fellow employees), finances(not enough funds, low salary) religion(doubting your faith, not sure if there is a God!), current events, the country you live in politics, your residence, education level(not smart or not enough funds to educate yourself) & your health. Any of these events I mentioned here as well as many other issues or situations I don't mention. Once you figure out how to remidy or rectify the cause of what is bothering you or you figure out what is bothering the ones that have a issue with you. Try to resolve the issue believe you can and do it. You need to stop do serious reflecting on how you treated others. Apoligize & make restitution to those you offended hoping for peace & forgiveness praying that your peers, family, friends, & lover will not judge you believe you will get amnesty, be pardoned & find clemency. Remember you can't change the past or relive times when you feel regrets because you missed out on oppurtunities.

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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