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Poetry Magnum Opus

Blond Boy


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Shocking-blond boy - those helical curls

and wildest smile framing pearls, goose white,

green-eyes wide, gorgeous as a girl;

pinching with pleasure at shunt and shuffle;

bouncing with bliss in steam and smoke,

gripping Daddy tight, as you float in a cloud.


Will your wish come true - to drive it hard,

master the will, play the clackaty-clack,

squeeze music from pulsating pipes,

sooting your face until the mane shines -

'till you and beast are one to roam

the pleasure plains where mammon reigns?


For now, at least, innocent and warm -

dark-stubbled males will cleave the storm

it is not your place, your place is home -

safe at home where you dream of steam

and, rightly so, where you're adored.

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Gorgeous as a girl -- what a similie in this musical poem with lots of alliteration centered around a boy's dream! Well done, Mike!


Waiting for more,


Tony icon_smile.gif

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Hi Mike,


I don't know why I keep thinking this is a picture that you're bringing to life. The image which leads me down this "track" is the colours "pearls, goose white, shocking blond" which suggests faded sepia and also the detail "helican curls", brings to mind Edwardian or Victorian pictures.


I love your evocation of the steam train/engine with "shunt and shuffle, steam and smoke, clackaty-clack, pulsating pipes" all of which animate the picture for the reader and give one a vivid sense of the train in full steam, complete with the "sooting" of the face and the advent of new found wealth and a new pleasurable mode of travel:


"...you and beast are one to roam

the pleasure plains where mammon reigns?"


Then from this note of a depiction of a picture you go into a more personal reflection with a lovely tenderness of tone, making me wonder if this is a picture or photograph with some personal resonance for the writer.


As ever, Mike I could be barking up the wrong tree! Tony is right -you've got some wonderful use of alliteration which captures the motion of the steam train.






Even a single enemy is too many and a thousand friends too few - Bhutanese saying.

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Hello Mike. I am glad to read your poem. I agree with others what they said about this. It is written well and on some interesting way.


Thank you for sharing icon_smile.gif and yes, waiting for more.



The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth - Jean Cocteau

History of Macedonia



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Larsen M. Callirhoe
you sound like Oscar Wilde, 100 years ago, chatting about Dorian Gray icon_eek.gif





hi mike nice to meet you/ i agree with pawn shop aka carlo. you also remind me a little bit of carl sandburg also in your writing style.


victor aka larsen my pen name icon_smile.gif

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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