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Poetry Magnum Opus

Invisible Man

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

Can one see an invisible man?

I look so hard but never can.


I tried and tried just everywhere,

Above the tiles, under the stair.


Up hills, down hills, cross a dale,

Daily my search without fail.


In an inglenook every cranny,

Even below a passing nanny.


In an old granny's wicker basket,

Gawd she nearly blew her gasket.


Was he below that nunly habit?

I spy a shape and try to grab it.


Later in court tough one to explain,

Hadn't seen you-know-who again.


Temporary insanity plea, heaven-sent,

I swear not to pursue a nun for Lent.


On TV I did see Wells' invisible man,

Visualised via Hollywood's cunning plan.


All bandaged mummy-style is neat,

But somewhat of a bleeding cheat.


Woe this will-o'-the-wisp's obscure ability,

Hidden in his pesky cloak of invisibility.


He defied me, denied one view,

I daily searched him out anew.


Over sleeping policemen I went,

In many a pub, would not relent


No premises passed straight and gay,

Nobody's seen my imperceptible prey.


One way or another am really pissed,

“Mr Elusive” had been 100 % missed.


An invisible man has never been seen,

Always, in every way, his getaway's clean.

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Hi Frank,


You title Invisible Man reminds me of this


invisible man



I like some of the words you used in this poem for example "inglenook ", it has a sense of locality. The poem reads very musically as well.






Didn't know what's wrong with the titled link, here's is another link.

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Shades of Antigonish here Frank. It's said that small children and some animals have such perception. Interesting thing is we never stop looking. :icon_cyclops: G

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