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Poetry Magnum Opus


pawn shop

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Frank is a hefty 56

looks kinda like Earnest Hemmingway

White bearded, whiskey voiced, Winston smoker

saw his dad kill himself with a gun

right infront of him too

when he was in High school

now he sits at the corner of the bar

talkative and somewhat curious about others

can get loud at times

a good carpenter, from what I hear

lives with his lady friend

for the last 10 years

does pot and cocaine

and who knows what else



Saint Patrick's day in Marlborough

into the pub he comes

with one hot chick and a straggler

decked out in green....though he's Itallian

drunk already


Frank got thrown out of the pub

about 3 hours later

by Johnny

because he was telling people such things as

'fuck off'

'your not allowed to talk to me again'

'I'll knock you out with one punch'

'I am this bar'

'not another person whose irish'


Cute Sabrina, the barmaid,

once confronted Frank over something

" I'll take your knee caps out "

He now respects Sabrina and Sabrina likes him

everyone likes him

because they can forgive him

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What a troubled person you portray in Frank. His telling off by Sabrina shows how his "hefty" appearance and his gung-ho mannerisms belie his troubled mind.


Another good portrait.






Even a single enemy is too many and a thousand friends too few - Bhutanese saying.

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Thanks GL for the replies.

Frank is troubled only when he drinks and smokes and snorts......

which is frequently.....and for decades....

If he ever cleaned himself up, he'd be an excellant person....

but he'd be bored with it..... icon_pirat.png

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Frank E Gibbard

I was drawn to this seeing the expression frank, naturally. Anyway here goes with my first comment on PMO. This is what you said on the tin pawn shop and an interesting and then some portrait of your "hero" what people will call a character. We are not here to judge him, he seems a thoroughly nice chap I would like to hang out with no mistake. This is an acute pen picture and a good read. Hello by the way, Frank.

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You give a good description of this character. He seems harmless enough; I wonder if the drinking and drugs help keep him out of real trouble?


As with all your recent work, I enjoyed this read.


Tony icon_smile.gif

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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