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Poetry Magnum Opus

Another Time (Revised)


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Another Time (Revised)


Just standing, watching,

large and small pieces and shards

scattered for at least a quarter mile.

The camouflaged tail section, still whole,

its four, fifty caliber guns pointing, not aiming.


Trees down like bowling pins--

cleared by the crash landing.

No sign of life or even body parts apparent.

I listen for anything,



A few minutes pass as I stand still, tense,

sensing something about to happen,

but my mind is simply open.


A murmur creeps through the metal,

the sound weak, attenuated by tangled growth.


A short moan, then a definite "Please."


Is that you, gunner? Are you in there?


Bolt upright in bed, covers flung aside.

I stifle a scream with realization

of where I sit, staring into darkness,

sweat-soaked and shaking slightly

from transition of mental confusion.


A soft mew from an old feral cat

below my window, a frequent visitor,

seeking God knows what, in his own world

and I in mine. I manage a weak grin.

Tonight has ended for me.

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Good rewrite, Franklin. You kept the emotion I felt the most in the first version: relief. You also retained that concomitant, settled sense of looking back on life.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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