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Poetry Magnum Opus

a quiet drink


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white noise

of people in a bar


exotic smoke from

dubious sources


cool ale and

sliding clicks of dominoes


the clunk of darts



that fly through air


make holes

where yesterday

there were no holes


and glowing coals--

tomorrows grey dust

on green hearth-tiles

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How cozy! There's a sense of time having passed (the holes that weren't there yesterday yet are today) that's offset by a sense of timelessness: the glowing coals which are not yet, but tomorrow will be, dust. Even the "white noise" of the people speaks toward transience. The same noise will be there tomorrow and the next day, but it can't ever be the exact same moment. A fantastic vignette!



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Frank E Gibbard

Philosophical poetry of the inn(s) and outs of one of the finest things sweetly encapsulated, very much liked Geoff.

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A busy place/poem B., almost a nostalgic scene with some of the games activities and mention of coal, though the overall feel of the poem is melancholic with the shift from green to grey. I like the form.




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Thanks Tony, Frank and Badge. It's funny how thought processes meander and digress with a drink alone by the fire. The most innocuous of things can suddenly prompt exteme thoughts. Pleased I only stayed for one, otherwise I might still be writing. :icon_sunny: Benjamin

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