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hello long lost friends!


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hello to all my fellow poets - you may have been wondering where i've been! well i almost got killed in a car crash in october last year - but by the grace of god i survived being hit by a truck and rolling about 7 times - without a safety belt on!!!! i have been suffering from post tramatic stress disorder - and it's affected my ability to write for a while - but i am getting much better and growing from the experience and seeing life in a brand new way. i recently left cape town again and am now living in brighton, england with a view to travelling across to europe to see all of the places i have been longing to see. i am also working on my second collection of poetry - which i hope to publish before the end of this year. i have realised that we have to live for the present moment and not take things - or life - for granted, ever! so, it's a hello to you all again - and so lovely to be able to log in and see you're all here doing your thing. with love, douglas

To receive love, you have to give it...

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Yes, Douglas, I was wondering where you'd been. I never would have guessed in a car accident! But I'm relieved you're okay and well on the road to recovery. (Pun intended?)


Tony :)

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Wow, Douglas, that was a close call, tumbling 7X without a seat belt! When I figured out in a car accident myself, I got thrown from the back seat to the windshield, breaking my front teeth. Other than that not much pain. But, like you, every time the car I'm riding on passes by where we crashed, I get jitters automatically. But, it subsided over time. Hope yours too happen sooner than later.

"Words are not things, and yet they are not non-things either." - Ann Lauterbach

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

wow douglas and joel! glad to see you both and have you both still kickin and around. i was in a awful car wreck fifteen years ago that left me paralyzed and at first left me like a vegatible brain function wise. my life has been a constant hell eversince. the worst part of this experience is the divorce and seeing my ex with 4 beautiful children from two different men other then mywself. all i think about is i could have been her husband still and those could have been our children. i can not cry over spilt milk nevertheless. without poetry and my poetry friends i would have killed myself. you poetry friends are my world now and i am better for meeting you all.




victor michael

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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