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Poetry Magnum Opus

Red Teeth


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I suppose you do this to yourself because you're still in love with him


As you'd said


Over and over again during the night of our first and only date



And my private alarm-thought was


Then why the hell are you dating?




Oh my god


I sure can pick 'em!



And so I went from groomed and eager prospect


To bored psychologist




Across from you


At the dinner table



One bottle of red wine


Two bottles of red wine


And a set of ruby red teeth grimacing across at me



The sucker I am kept me there


Stuck to my seat out of obligation


And empathy



When I was younger tragedy and drama


Seemed so much more compelling



Now it's just plain boring


To receive love, you have to give it...

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I like this style of writing which is practical and even matter-of-fact. Rather like thinking out loud but at the same time amusing and relevant. The irony of “One bottle of red wine/Two bottles of red wine/ And a set of ruby teeth grimacing across at me” struck a humorous note with me. I believe this would be a well received short performance piece. Benjamin

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Just amazing! Resonates with my red-toothed mad man- Who unfortunately come out just when I think he has been vanquished! Have been on both sides of that table, love that you made it into a poem- Accessible yes, profound and a bit cranky as well- I laughed out loud-really!



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thanks guys! glad you saw the combination of humour and crankiness - just as i'd intended - and yes, benjamin, i will perform this piece...

To receive love, you have to give it...

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