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Poetry Magnum Opus

On the Road Again


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Planned for some time

to walk my road along

the river as soon as physically

able, but today the ambient

temperature reached 101

here in the valley. Instead,

I plumped my backside down

on leather seats in a cool car

and drove down Gander’s Lane,

safe and comfortable. Even

as slow as twenty mph, the drive

was a huge disappointment.

I could see changes: the old

Zirkle place, recently bought

and refurbished, even the stone

walls, seems not to fit the scenery.

Gander’s farm has new trucks

and machinery neatly parked,

barns repainted, and a corn crop

perfectly tasseled at eight feet

behind rolls of hay littered

across dry acres. So long since

I walked this two miles when

each day brought changes,

but today, changes were so great

and came so quickly as I drove,

I was tempted to get out and walk.

Likely a long-loved pleasure ended.

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Like you I'm relegated to plumping my backside in a car seat these days. Walking usually gets you so much closer to things you easily miss in a car, although you don't appear to have missed much here. Geoff.

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