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Poetry Magnum Opus

Let The River Flow .... revision

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Let the river flow...

by Larsen M. Callirhoe on Sun Jun 29, 2008 6:42 pm!


Let the river flow...


So many nights the storms

seemed to never end.

This was because

I was so lonely

until the day we met.


It seemed my prayers

had been answered

when I first laid

my eyes on you.


The desires

of my hormones

was set ablaze

in bed the first time

we made love.


You then said "I love you."

After that I fell

madly in love with you

because of your outer beauty.

Chrissy you definitely set a spell

that captured my heart.


How could I be such a fool?


Quickly I would learn that

you only wanted a fling.

I needed something else.

I was hoping for mutual love.


I fell to the ground

after I proposed to you.

You rejected the diamond ring

I worked hard earning to give you.


In my heart I realized somewhere

that for the first time I failed you.

The tears then fell from my eyes.


So let the river flow...


I think of the past

to the day I first met you.

I was such a dreamer then.


If I could walk on the fire?

Would I make it thru the flames?


To bad things did not work out.


Tears fell from my eyes

after you left me.

what am i to do?

Yes lovers of passion

can grow apart sometimes.


So I pray to the Goddess Sophia

who is God's wife Eloah.

I ask her to stop

my bleeding heart.

So many nights I have

haunting memories of her.


So many nights I wished

I could tell my peers

that I am a Seer of God.

But of course many doubted

my mental spiritualality.


So much I wanted to

hold her close to me.

I hide the bitter sweet tears

that fall from my face

every night after she left me.


So let the river flow...


Would you look at me


if I am only half the man

I seem to be to you?


If I could sail on a lake

I would ask you to sail with me?

Oh how much fun that would be.


The day you die is a day

I'm not looking forward to.

You sleep around to much

selling your body out

for your excessive

drug habit.


You eventually contracted AIDS

from being so promiscuous.

I happened to warn you

before this situation arose.


We then lost touch for a few years.

And my thoughts had not dwelled your way

for over two years unfortunately.


Then out of the blue I had a message

on my phone answering machine one day.

That message I received that day

was a harbinger of news that made me cry.

It was a message from Chrissy's sister.

Just hearing her voice brought me back

to wonderful memories when I first fell

in love with her sister Chrissy.

She was the female I gave my virginity to.


I went to your funeral and I said a prayer for you.

I laid a rose on the dirt of your gravestone.

I know you will start a new journey now.


I wept and yes I will miss

her in my heart.


So let the river flow...


I wish I could dream

about you again, but,

God has spoken to me

in my sleep instead.

I dream about you

since your death constantly.

You are now so shallow to me

like a heart that has had

its last beat an lungs

that has taken its last breath.


I pray for you to find

your way back to me

in a future incarnation.


We were lovers once!

So why can't we

be lovers again?


If I had one dream to live?


What would it be?


I would want to hold you in my arms and

I would ask you for a kiss on your lips.

Then we would soar to the clouds reaching

the stairways that go to the highest heavens

until we saw the highest heavens horizons.


We would then fly like the birds

and chirp away singing with them.


So let the river flow...

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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