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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Magic That Never Was... long poem heavy religion

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

The Magic That Never Was...


Larsen M. Callirhoe written 8/6/11 at 12:00 pm EST

finished at 8/7/11 2:30 am EST in the wee morning hours!...



You always seemed somehow to dictate my inner most dwelling thoughts that manage to capture the uproar which is the zestful fire in my eyes. I was hoping are higher rational reasoning in the long run would help us both! When we started reflecting on recent transactions of our hopes? We then clashed dwelling on each othe'rs heated anger. My kind worthyunknown named friend that we happen to share visions together with amen.


We both know soon on this world we will have the same type hopes and desires. We also know the citizens on this planet will face trails of stormy clouds moving in the the air outside. Joyce my ex lover had faiththat helped predict the brewing weather unintentionally. I guess that is why she left me. She must think I was boring sexually. Under my guard...


which I noticed immediately was that life one day quickly started to spiral downward in a upheaval. This was caused by my celestial abode spinning to the ground faster then a train moving like a roller coaster out of control. This was caused one day by a unexpected windstorm. The whirling of the wind caused my bitter sweet tears to fall very painfully from my countenance that is filling up the seas of our planet.


I honestly looked up at our heads' skylines today glimpsing at her fleeting words of thought and and she is listening to my silent passing thoughts somehow. Wishing I could let her know I was prayiing for her. I was captivated by the smell of her body scent. I have to be patient Wait till the day when we do meet for real we will then look eye to eye with one another. At some future date my concerns is I will fall in love with her and that she likewise will fall in love with me.


My beloved one day I saw you in a divine apparito which will guide me to you being a key of our fate that we were meant to be because God wants us to be. This is the only thing that has made me hold onto this life we all truly honestly hold valued and sacred is a vision I hadone day of motivation while mediating given to me about you. From up high is that we will one day met in the near future. It is a foreshadow of us that constantly replays dwelling in my thoughts and I pray hoping what I saw will become true. What was displayed before my eyes was you and I being married.


We were dancing in the twilight horizon having a blast then you and I were escalated on a path that leadus to Heaven dressed up in our Sunday best. This apparition given to me by the true Goddess Eloah is all that keeps me going thru every dark hour of despair you are not near. All those lonely times of living without you by my side took its toll on me and I felt like I was living in a personal hell.


I didn't get burnt by depression though I felt it scorch me. My peers somehow managed to keep me from committing suicide. That alone is a miniscule miracle in itself because I have tried to attempt suicide several times in my life up to this point.












Once we met we were the gossip, appetentia, and the toast of the town. The masses watched becoming the host of the magic that rained down on us. She and I therefore became the envy of youngsters we set the world ablaze. The videos being broadcast on the tube the spectre delighted everyones fantasies.


The semblance came alive showing visions of us dancing and settings aswell of others dancing being magical moments of humans captured on televison. Oh the memories of TV lore. The music played portrayed myself and my bride as being sizzling tantalizing dancers. The bride became endearing to me. To spell it out I fell in love head over heels.


The reception was rebroadcast on the television and everyone was singingthat watched every word of each song chanting along like it might be the end of all sorrows on Gaia. The bombs in my reality started bursting makeing me face a path of eminent destruction. The journey I was living was meant to destroy all that are birthed in this sphere's domain. What I have seen I can not in all honesty tell another wars will cease and peace is looming. I can only sell you the conviction that tragedy will soon be felt by all on worldwide plain. For what I have been revealed in my heart I and many others will live in constant reproach.


What I was shown that I saw will not be doom and gloom forever but sadness will touch all. In my sleep the dreams I have in my slumber show no reprieve yet constantly put my lucid thoughts into a frame of fear that is always forever chasing away the shadows of my dreams that torments my soul. The existence I live in now is illuminated by painkillers. This is the harsh existence I face now in essence and it is tearing away at the fabric an core of my reality I face now. And without my deep thoughts of her the name I do not know yet I wait to get high again and dream about my beloved, yes soon. The vibrating noise I hear from what I think is beating drums is really the pulsating cadence of are heartbeats intertwined. I am hoping my beloved that you hear this riveting harmony also. We both have God to thank for showing us this captivating moment. Holy Angels showed her and I a fragment of the future a dance we both will share soon. My faithfulness tells me this vision helped both our faiths even though both of us are a mystery to each other.


We equally do have enormous resliance like a Mustard Seed growing in the ground. The revelation we hand in hand saw was a answered prayer that truly showed us the way God will give us grace for changing our lives to live only for Him. The Holy Ghost desires that we are raptured and I believe we both will I pray. How do we take it all in when every second of the day the clock is ticking away? I go on to live and fight another day yet everywhere I look I still picture you! Eating all alone another lonely night passes on by realising all humans have souls. How many times do I have to go on living telling others this little white lie of you not being here by my side? Watching rivers of tears burdening your heart this immense gauntlet that does fall from your face like the mantle of pain I saw you in. As the droplets form in your brown eyes pour out of your visage hit the ground this picture I will always remember of you all to well. Knowing how you hated the life the adventure I was about to partake of and explore. Realising your birth and hereafter that would not fair much better. Jointly we yearned to share the life together in this world the way it is now. But lo and behold it was not the higher powers that be will for us now.


For the improvement of the world and the sake of others we share a calling that God promised and that was for the second coming. Knowing the world would change so quickly and no one would figure it out. Still I could feel in my heart the sting of being a newborn like times before. I not wanting to give suck nor wanting to be reborn into this realm once again. Darkness was increasing and the light dimming everyday in this dismension. As I was birthed into this world being born again. How could I ever forget the image and expression that was caught on your face? The look you showed when my memory was erased by a Holy Angel made you weep wanting to remember me the way I used to be? How could you ever forget my screams out loud? Surely I myself didn't want to forget my old memories and the lessons that would partailly guide me helping us both out in the long run. As you and I were revealed the joys of mine and yours youth. Unfortunately tragedy would strike me as a young man encompanssing bitterness, horror, and the nightmare the trails of my adult life be forever falling grace from your eyes visions of grandeur.


At the gathering of Saints we all shall be caught up meeting in glorified vestures. Then those of us tht are chosen will be cleaned by the bloodied stains of Jesus Christ. We will be cleansed by the spilt blood on Earth of the Messiah being the Lion of Judah. Christ at his return and this is what keeps us both of us moving foward until are reunion. Everytime I hold my breath I pray that you are near so I don't sufficate to death. In this world exploding on every front I wish this would be the day of his return. If we don't all open up our eyes from the the horrors that are increasing on Earth and take some responsibility for the misfortunes transpiring all around the globe.


I Want to sing along with the songwriters who unite for sometype of peace in our world. The music perked up the crowds the electricity in the air livened up all the crowds. As the lyrics touched those who understood. Would their be any justice for all those that starve to death each and everyday? Will all those that are gathered all around the world hold one another hand's and pray to the intelligent design of this world? I when alone pray to God on Most High each and everyday. May the wind in the air lift up my voice of reason and carry it so all those that need a helping hand that really cares can hear me calling out to each and every spirit suffering on Earth may El Shaddiah hear my plea when I am down on my hands and knees weeping for all those that are suffering.


So hold your head up high and clap your hands dreaming along with everyone else including me. We will all capture the bright light that resides in all of us that call on the Lord's name to be saved hoping for mercy, justice, grace, and compassion for everyone who lives on the face of this Earth. May the light of Heaven shine on the whole world so all may understand. So if you close your eyes falling asleep drifting to another understanding in your dreams. In your subconsciousness figure out how to make water fall from the sky and teardrops cease from the eyes of those that go hungry freezing at night. This doesn't have to be! The world hopes for a better way believing in prayer so we don't bury those that die from hunger. So I would want to sing you a song with lyrics I wrote that touch your soul and liven up your spirit. Singing to you I would carry every word to the beat the way the words I wrote spoke to your heart. I want to touch part of you by hoping you understand part of who I am by the way I sing you my songs. If we all could get along together we all could sail on the ocean as the tides move us to and fro. Where would you want the destination to be if all harbors were dangerous to some of the people?


So many tears I shed looking at my reflection of me in the mirror somehow I seem so lost. The voices in my head the beauty I once had now gone as age showed in the creases of my body. All the life I lived and saw to this point at such a young age it all has weighed me down. I looked back through all the years of my life that was captured in the reflection of me. Looking at my life hoping for one single magical moment I would say was making love to Nalene. I composed comprising this sympathy of words I orchestrated just for you the only female I adored. We could captivate all those around at the celebration watching me marry eight brides this day. Tears of sorrow and joy will mesh the day we are reunited oh the bliss after the dancing ceases. When we finally get time to be alone in the hotel room our song plays and the passion starts. The other seven brides watch in eloguent fashion lighting candles as the one I danced with in the ball room grabs me letting her black gown fall to the ground revealing she wore no undergarments. She and the others quickly undressed me as I surely was pleasing to all the other seven of them. We then make love under the canopy of the moonlight as the foaming white waves crested tempting me for I wanted our bodies to rivet up and down so we could feel the citrus scent of the breeze on us. As the light fades it into darkness where night resides as always it is the love that endures for sure. Words of the songs always remain the same. If we only could remember the experiences we cherished in life. We will always walk in the shadow dwellings in the imagination that is invisible to the outside world. Those that dare or try to seek to capture a gentle breeze that blows on someones path no one can predict.


As tears stream down my face falling heavily onto the floor I lay a flower by the graves at the tombstones of each of the spirits I have ever touched thru the wind that blew my way in this life I lived. And I hold a picture sacred to my heart of everyone I have met embracing along the way close to my heart. And I blow a candle out for each one of you I lite blowing it out after three days in rememberance of the way you touched my life. I also would say a quick prayer for all the times we shared the tears, memories, the laughter and more. I could write a million stories about these enduring experiences knowing Up High recorded it all for us to look upon we when desire to gaze at how we treated someone we should have given more respect to but in another life it will work out even better for all he correct ways. After all these words I spilled out to you showing you exposing my heart that bleeds for one an all like amber dripping red wine succulenly on the stale moldy bread. So savor the words I wrote down hoping to latch onto you so we live in a world that is asepsis. This is written for almost everyone I met to this point in my life. So I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the experiences we shared and the trails we endured. In life we all learn eventually it doesn't always work out the way you want or the way you needed. Life is always give a million percent and receive twenty-five percent back. All this was writte because no one I met and even the few I know that will be caught up with me will be placed else where in the world. And don't think for a minute my thoughts will not dwell on you all because it will. Each and everyday that goes on from that point on my self-reflection will always ponder on every memory and experience I went thru with all those that have come before me because I reaqlly care. And in that way my heart will always bleed and long for yester year when my heart was young and my soul still innocent.


Until I breathe my last breath I will always hold you sacred to my heart my sister Debi and I will always feel guilty concerning my ex and the horror we shared that God d-m car accident. Joyce I still love you, I will always love you. I want to leave a recorded testimony to the world, Joyce I LOVE you, I adore you, I worship the ground you walk on you set afire to! I want to leave record of this account and you the readers will bare witness to my revelations. This is account of many things being several issues of merit needing undestanding bout you Joyce concerning our past lives and relationship thru out history. We have been lovers many lifetimes and we shared dozens of lives being friends. We have one more life in the future where God will make us happy when you are my younger ssister. There will be a trail I need to endure and this will correct the emotions we experienced in this life we shared. The pain and karma will be healed and horrors of the car accident in this life we shared and went thru together will then be erased. The reason you saw me weeping all remaining time that we shared together is beecause of what I don't tell others about me being a powerful Seer of God and the visions I see that 12haunt my heart. I burst out crying all the time in my room when I am alone. After one more life wwe share together as me being your older brother and you being my younger sister we will not see one another for so many lifetimes from that point on we will not recognize or remember each other. This knowledge pierces my heart like a riveted rusty razor blade. I weep often now even though I do not look anymore by using the spiritual gift I was given and blessed with. We spent hundred of lifetimes together my friend. Yes we have our own lovers but we all do experience unique trails, tribulations, pleasures, and avenues of learning to grow exploring so many options that attrack the eyes of our individual souls desires and tastes. As always a hundred lifetimes from now we will always reflect and search each other out to talk about the wonderful honeymoon we shared together in the lifetime of the second coming. In future lives I will always figure out somehow and know something was missing in each of those particular life experiences. And to add fire to the cooking flames I still say why all the time. I wanted to to tell her in this life that I comforted her in one life in one way you didn't want to experience. This part will ease the tensions of race and maybe raise a eyebrow of the weary at heart religious over-toned people. You were black in one incarnation around 5000 years ago. You were made a queen by rite of passage being your birth rite of a large biblical city with vast wealth back then. I found her and with cunning treacherously I real quickly figured out she was a familiar spirit. I married her becoming a king and protected this city to wisely. I was white and she was black. We then consummated the blissful union but a up rising like twenty years later and I was ousted immeadiately by the well abled citizens of that powerful city. Oh Joyce I believeI I have to explain myself from this point on or I loose many readers of this comprehension.


For those that are or seem very lost and that is easy to see that after reading the last monstrous paragraph above being displayed I am a very apt capable Seer with the same level of understanding about being a Seer as Nostradamus and I truly respect the right to block some that try to deviate me from the demi-urges by some ignorants who don't get it or see the light. After all there is in reflection I wish when I prayed to God I would see the fire the zest in life like I used to have, though by some minor miracle a young rising singer livened up the crowd as she performed her show she gave all her engery to the crowd as the music continued to play captivating everyone who heard her very vocal voice. I was there for her while she was dancing on the stage moving all around tealing all the spot light as she comes back down to Earth the reality every singer has deal with as the world doesn't linger to spin it continues revolving around everything insinuated catching her hearts content ablaze.


As for me I want the world's next singing sensation to be known by everyone on the face of this planet knowing she keeps a specail place for me in her heart the music is always strumming away. The air does not see The magic in my breath today though even the Most High doesn't want the femme spirits playing with dark and even the dead dyeing don't delve in magic the masses revel into. The day we met the grey clouds were moving so fast in the horizon of the night time sky crackling magically in the canopy of the air making the mighty thunder crash to the ground and the rattling lightning striking all around sparkling tearing the riveting wind so quickly in the environment changing weather everyday so majestically coloring the rising sun's in the blue atmosphere's path.


As for the shrinks and head-doctors the lot of them has manure coming out of their mouths because they are s----for-brains. And that is not funny at all. Finaly I make a toast to all that read all this jibber and jabberish lots of laughter. And as alway I tend to please those that read this rant by me.

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Wow Victor, This is really a lot to take in. As a way of healing oneself, this is the perfect medium. But for a reader it is way too much and starts to lose its impact. After the 4th strophe I found my mind wandering. I wonder if you broke this up and offered it as more than one poem... This is just my opinion but - Condense, less is better.



~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

ty tinker~


thank you for the input and feedback tinker ~. yes i i do helieve and i did realise this is to much. i just have so much to say; i should have probably posted this in prose section since that is what this really is. after all i posted this in prose piece format in my own assuption. it is just that i do want more readers to look at this write because not as many readers tend to look in the prose poetry section as in regular poetry section and i want input of some honest feed back immediately is all. after all i am not afraid of negatve critique as long as it really gives me input that improves my writing skills. not saying your remarks were negative at all because i think just the opposite. i am actualy am more then amazed at the wide broad range and magnitude of the scope of versatility on your poetic verse.


i write my poems of poetry in just such a manner of style that the way it is presented in written words of verse is so appealing poetically hoping to entice the reader so s/he completely indulges in what i wrote they want to read more and more. I happen to also want the readers themselves of my stories to experience yhe expressoons of what i was saying personally in my adventure.


on that front tinker i see i failed that part because you said in a way you starting loosing attention by starting to stray away from the focus of my writing. you can be completely open and honest with my poetry friend. i really don't have or show much of a ego. and also i do like what interests other readers of stories. i know we are all unique in what makes us tick. so thank you for reading as much as you could indulge yourself in tinker. all <smile>





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Larsen M. Callirhoe

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