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Poetry Magnum Opus

Robert Frost and Edward Thomas


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Robert Frost and Edward Thomas


Those two were not recognized poets


then, just before the first war, but took


great pleasure in walking the fields


and woods, commenting on the art


of what they saw. Thomas was pulled


to the war, who knows why, but did


not survive his first run at battle.




A learned friend and I walked together


in a similar fashion, seeing and commenting


on every unique thing or phenomenon,


especially those that were new each day.


John was pulled to the ideals of the Democratic


party, and I to none, at least in public. We did


agree on Monet and Van Gogh and tried to match


their impressions on the wonders of our road.




The road now is like the tree falling that nobody


hears. We know even the weeds and the taste


of cress near the spring house. The barn and silo


and cattle awaiting their fate in the holding pen,


the warm welcomes of the few farmers left


and desire to stop their duties and gab for as long


as we wanted.




One of us had edited the local bugle, the other only


knew what he liked, but both gained from the other


while watching their feet as they put one in front


of the other. One wrote, the other edited and sometimes


rebuffed a shoddy attempt or when the words rang


false. Both now too infirm to relive those days,


but still knowing the feel and luxury of owning


everything we saw and shared.

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Hello Franklin. I enjoyed the parrallels you drew and the laid back presentation. I envy you having at close hand such a friend; for friendship is one of the things of most value that age cannot rob us of. Geoff

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