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Poetry Magnum Opus

Mid Dream

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

Oh to be on some paradise isle

A while, in mid-dream, mid-smile

I'll tread on sands in land of nod

Slinking along the beach unshod.


In temperate night to think of sun

Fantasy from urban reality's won

Where leaning palms jollily sway

Hulaing hips pass in gay sashay.


Solar blaze pervades bluest sky

Copious sips through lips so dry

Coconut milk slips down a treat

Papaya slices mmmm are sweet.


Azure waves flop upon the beach

Recede each drop at every reach

Aah three maids smiling gaily sing

Little ukuleles they play and swing.


At these dusky maidens' final pluck

Under arms their instruments tuck

In wonderful shade I take my ease

Heat allayed by that ocean breeze.


Entrancing, enhancing: pleasant dreams,

How enjoyable our wish fulfillment seems.

Edited by Frank E Gibbard
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Yes Frank, Yes! Warmed me to the core in the unseasonably cold of SF- which despite the occasional palm tree is NOT Southern California;-)



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