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Poetry Magnum Opus

The woodsman


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The seasons conduct the woodsman and

get music from his crude instrument

and his rich master laments his employee's

lack of appreciation when he plays Beethoven and

wind blows the notes from the house to

the woods. But, the woodsman knows the songs

of the birds in the woods are from the same

source and the birds and seasons do not

rehearse-he and the songbirds converse in a

language his master will never understand-the

birds' spontaneous song is never planned.

The woodsman's axe is swung-the wind's

instrument is strung across the treetops,

down through the fields and yields music

that only stops when the earth stops.

Edited by eclipse
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I always enjoy your intriguing topics and the way you employ rhyme in unexpected yet somehow welcome places. I especially liked how the wind's/instrument is strung across the treetops. Nice job, Eclipse.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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David W. Parsley

Another original insight. The start seems a bit labored and prosey. Like Tony, though, I think the music flows beautifully in the final four lines with the haunting internal rhymes moving through the forest's great stringed instrument.


- Dave

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

very much in tune with the imagination comes to mind of many swaying trees in a windy storm sining ca melody or harmony in sympathy with the great classical music composer comes to mind. so many ways to visualize or to look at this write. i think this one might be my favorite by you. thank you. i love this. my chorus instructor i had for 9 years recorded two paino pieces by me i never gpt to ink down because i became paralyzed. i had everything but the ending of one and a harmony in thwe other. my cousin elisha has a tape recording of the only two songs i was able to finish. it is a very heart wrentching songs where i play the paino for both and sing for about 5 minutes 4 or 5 short ref of music stanzas with 4 lines of a refrain for both. one was title "don't you know" which was written after my great grandma became bed ridden before thanksgiving 1985. the other song was written after her death in 1986. i taboth songs made my couslk about taking care of and her dying under my immature care. it is titled "it's a quarter past one in the morning" at th time i was abused by my father and i was kicked out of the house. my grandmother was relunctant to let me stay with her. my other grrandmother said that she could bot afford to take care of me. my grandma said the only reason she let me stay with her is to take care of my dying great grandma. when she died she sai i couldn't live there anymore. my cousin elisha wept for hours and hours whenshe heard the songs. she her my great granma talk for a minute. she said michael michael (my middle name) where os elisha . she stole the tape from me. it had both are great grandmas voices on the tape as well as me playing to classical songs i compossed. she has since lost the tape. it is the only known recording of me singing and playing the paino. my chorus instructor has recordings o me playing the paino or of me singing but not both at the same time. i had the lyrics nailed on both songs. but hey they would have been hits but at that time being 14-16 age wise i had it so hard. i ouldn't have been able to compose any more songs till my late 20's and now at 40 am i grasping how to do that stuff correct. but i am a quadriplegic. song writers don't get there until there near 30 most of them. many groups start out young honing in there craft by doing other groups songs which teches them memorizing. there first album they write most of it is b]not great but second album most songs are written for them. third album takes a while to follow up becayse they write it theselves. 3rd , 4th and sometimes 5th albums are awesome. after that it is watered down music with repetion . members go there seperate ways. if they do more albums it is like ten years later or more and it is only reflecting songs and ove songs. i now would have the experiences to compose the songs about my youth and the energy and passion put into my songs. but because of my paralysisi can't get deep enough breaths to sing several lines o lyrics. after about 3 or 4 words i am dewinded, and i can't get the right notes down composing music because i can't go to di9fferent sound environments to see how the words nd pitch of note sounds being sung in different settings,

but hey me writing all of this i really loved your poem, i mean



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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