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Poetry Magnum Opus

Thirteen Ways of Looking at 50+ Years of Poetry, 6

David W. Parsley

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David W. Parsley



When the blackbird took out the long frosted window

it was open house on everyone and foreknown truths

were all better now, even for popes and kids,

because nakedness was the shield they got,

and my shadow

crossing their secrets again and again with creative angst -

nothing indecipherable but a few hairs and cloth.

Eye epic, the cheerleader makes a pure A in perfect praise.






© David W. Parsley 2011


"Open House" by Theodore Roethke http://www.kingfisherpress.com/Roethke_Fourth_Edition.htm

Several by Sharon Olds (proceed at your own risk) http://www.angelfire.com/indie/riotboy/olds.html

"Hurry Up Please Its Time" by Anne Sexton http://famouspoetsan...ton/poems/18192

Others, but you get the idea

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David W. Parsley

Yes, probably caused quite a bump to the head. Maybe it wasn't just the canine cacaphony that sent him scurrying to flight, marking all those pits in the road. I think he just needs to lighten up, get the jive going with a few old beatnkis and hell's angels. Followed by a little therapy...


Thanks for the perspective, Tony! :-8)


- Dave

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