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Poetry Magnum Opus



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My image in the mirror went to sleep and woke up in the night-time moonless sky,

with the moons resurrection the forsaken people

began to chant at my reflection,

the television in my living room

swayed to and fro,

i bought some seeds

off the shopping channel to grow

a version of myself.

I walked the earth while

this copy of me was prayed to on television

and ignored in newspapers

by the exalted people

he wanted to meet me

but did'nt know i slept for

years in his mirror.

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David W. Parsley

Eclipse, you are weirding me out again and doing it with great skill. October is your month and you are bringing it to all of us. Excellent use of image and language, you bring the surreal to a state of subreal. What are you stirring there?


- Dave

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