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Poetry Magnum Opus

Long Future Autobiographical Love Poem...

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Written on October 4, 2011 at

between 11:54 am and 3:17 pm

EST. Copyright protected!

Written by Larsen M. Callirhoe

aka V.Michael Lashewitz...

Modified on October 5, 2011

And finished at 7:22 am!


So enjoy...


Only Fools Fall In Love


When I first saw your face

I knew I was in love with

you. For me it was just that

easy, in my heart I knew it

for sure. I approached you

nervously wanting only one

dance from you at the time,

hoping for just a chance.

The dress you wore that

evening was so tantalizing

and becoming of your figure.

It made me think of you as a

lovely handmaiden seeking out

attention. You looked at me

shyly I recollect.


At first we were just passing

strangers that met in the

darkness of a lonely night.

Only the eternal Mother Goddess

of all could have set up this

perfect timing for us both to

met at just the right time. The

first few steps of that remember

able moment in our lives of our

first dance made her think I had

two left feet. Then out of the

blue we both figured it out real

quick. After that it was history

for we both moved like the wind.

People thought of us as Gene and

Grace Kelley two Movie Stars of

Lore of yester years.


When we moved on the ballroom

floor the sparks just flew thru the

air. Every one noticed the magic

and the chemistry we both shared.

Was it just that simple I thought.

It felt like we both were rising up

in the sky floating up high enough

to be dancing on the passing clouds.


In the sky the moon was shining

even more radiantly then usual

just for us we thought. Plus the

stars twinkling high up above

us and the grey clouds moving all

around in the night horizon sky

gave us both a glimpse of what the

beauty of life is really all about.


It was raining outside and I

wanted to hold you so tightly

in my wet arms forever. Wanting

this moment to last more then

forever. Like the pouring rain that

is falling on the ground we have to

dissipates eventually sometimes too.

So our communication ended and

ceased for over thirty-five years.

But we will met again and then

you will accept me as your soul '

mate and partner in life. God

gives me visions of us together

in the short near future,


Feeling you in my arms that

night felt so right. Can't you

feel it also Nalene? In my heart

I know we are meant to be.


At our wedding I marry eight

females including you. At the

reception I had the fist dance

with my beloved Marianna

and you wanted to dance like

this also. I reflect back to

the time of our first dance

we both shared together. Then

I glanced your way and you

just smiled at me and it was

I who started weeping inwardly.


I saw you standing there all

alone in the dark on the dance

floor wanting a dance that night.

The signals you sent out were

like a rainbow in the sky with-

out a clue. When our eyes met

you fell in love with my blue

eyes that wouldn't stop giving

you attention. Don't you know

you are a heaven sent Angel to

me and I am in love is it just

that simple for me. In my heart

all I want from you is just one

chance. Don't you know I happen

to be a hopeless romantic. I am

on my own now and I have thought

about you though many years have

passed since that first time we



I will find my way back to you

again. I promise you this even

if it takes infinite years in

all of eternity. I will always

want to have another dance with

you. And my thoughts will always

dwell on you. This keep me going

thru the twenty-two plus years I

will have endured paralysis, And

amongst all of that nonsense I went

Through I will have always wished we

would have had shared one more dance

with you.. This is what kept me going.

all this time.


I will find my way back to you

again. I promise you this even

if it takes infinite years in

all of eternity. I will always

want to have another dance with

you. And my thoughts will always

dwell on you.


When we first met so many years

ago it was definitely simpler

times. Now we are both grown up.

I thought you would let me give

you the best I can. So in this

written poem I am asking you to

marry me? Nalene will you marry

Me? You know my heart is true for

you. So why are you so down and

blue? When I asked you to marry

me back then all those years ago

you said, "My hands are tied." You

broke my heart and after that I stopped

caring about life. I was such a foolish

person for along time till I found poetry,

I moved on back then so painfully but

you always whispered to me in my

my many eternal dreams when I slept

at night. You looked for things you wished

you could have said to me all those years

Ago and prayed to God for me to return.

So now here I am dressed in fine linen,



So here I am. Are paths have now

Intertwined again. So what is your

answer? Can I have another dance?

I have faith in you and I know you

will say yes to me. I will take care

of you I promise this.


Silently in my heart I wished my

family could be there at our

wedding ceremony. But I know

they will look down on us from

up above. So sad in my heart I

still know we all still have lives

to live. Places to be and places to

go, but in my thoughts it will

always be raining out. Mom, dad

I promise I will make you happy

and proud. I know up there you

Will not understand my life on

Earth. Mom your grand daughters

will know all about you. So when they

pass in one-thousand one-hundred

years and you met in heaven they will

have wished for time with you on Gaia

Mother Earth. My tears will always fill

the seas of the world. Every time I sing

or dance or feel the breeze of the wind

on my body I will know you are there




Words 1113 Stanzas 14 lines 158

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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