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Poetry Magnum Opus

The frog and Michelangelo


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As a frog I cannot paint or

draw but here below the water

I hear the faint echo of

Michelangelo's song. How

long left for my kind?-can

man not use art to find

perspective?. I feel the

rush from the artistry of

natures brush and despair

at the constant crush from

the machines of man. I have

seen the ghosts walking across

the waters here whispering names

into the ghostly flames of candles

they pass the spirits of the hunted-

each with a claim -a right to life.

Michelangelo's spectre visited me and

told of how he walks across the Sistine

chapel roof letting his tears fall

through to the eyes of the faces on

the ceiling, he comes here to gather

fruit that falls from the phantom trees.

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David W. Parsley

Hi Eclipse, this one starts a bit preachy and contrived for my ear. Then you start seeing ghosts and it takes off from there. (What is it, with you and ghosts?) Suddenly the piece is haunting and contemplative, moved, fired with imaginative insight coupled with a nuanced felicity of expression. Echoes of mandolins and candlelight playing against vaulted stone, ring through those nicely spaced r's. Once again you take me to a new place.


- Dave

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You seem to have devised a perspective which tiptoes on the edge of the etheric although I am not sure which direction it faces. Nevertheless I enjoyed the content more than once. Benjamin

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

reminds me of van gogh how he haunts others with maybe the second most famous painting in the world "a starry night". itt seems you weaved both artists together amighty well here. i see what you write about which is spooky in itself. to me this is great poem. but your poem hear speaks of a nature most don't get. if they do not see it or h4ar it, it mus not or can not be. the same with ET's also!!! and if others saw spooks or ET's they would freak out anyway so all the better they don't see or hear but what is deemed natural.


enjoyed the treat


Larsen M. Callirhoe

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