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Poetry Magnum Opus



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The last song of a nightingale

found me standing on the shore

it stored its secrets in my heart

guiding me to the one i adore.

Take my wounded hand we

will walk across the earth

collect the treasures from the light and dark

to give our love its rebirth.


I hear your heartbeat echo in the sunrise

i make contact with infinity in the depth of your eyes

i will sell the nightingales song

and buy you the four seasons

be my own true love

my soul is fatigued from supplying you with reasons.


The darkness in your soul

sinned against the ghostly

caroling offspring of the wind,

i want to see your loveliness brighten

with the night time skies,

from the remains of your dreams

provide our silence with its alibis.


The tides and the sea

are waiting for the nightingale

to tell our story,

with the rays of the

sun and moon i will rebuild your heart

so it is sensitive when it is light and dark

along with the nightingale and

her song we will never again be apart.

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

wow so beautifully composed eclipse. i really enjoyed reading this. makes me want to write a love poem to my beloved Marianna or Nalene my mistress lol. i hope others read this and comment on your poem here. it would be sad if others passed by this treat of yours here you left for others to taste dangling in the air like a sad nightingale chiirping away. the imagery kiis beautiful and the syntax for this is perfect



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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What a refreshing change to read sincere, well written love poetry without having to wade through layers of metaphor. Enjoyed. Benjamin

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