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Poetry Magnum Opus

Fat Chris Cross

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

Father Christmas was in a dreadful hurry,

Time was running out his head was full of worry.

He steadied his sled to make ready for the ground,

Invisibly they landed without an earthly sound.

“Christmas Eve already,” he said. "Reindeer, fly!"

You just got us down old man, said Rudolph. "Why?"


"It’s nearly time I told you we've all those presents to deliver."

Dancer piped up, "Fat Chris," he said. "Lately you are all a dither."

"I’ve told you not to cheek me D or I’ll have you as venison liver,

Look out there it’s Christmas all the excited kids about the town."


"But look at what they’re wearing," said Prancer, "You geriatric clown.

See the myriad little boys and girls and how costumed every one,

Think about it Silly Santa you know what you have gone and done,

When we had North Pole Saving Time you didn’t adjust your clocking.

This lot are enjoying Halloween it’s weeks before they hang a stocking."

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