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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Ghostly George Jones searches eternally for an anvil-

an owl passes sleeping ponys, clutching its kill;

owlets hunger is satisfied. A blacksmith watches pony's wake,

his muse is fed and frustrated since shoes he cannot make,

for in life and death, George Jones is no match

for the intricacy of nature's anvil and vision of her watch.

a Kingfisher beholds it's own reflection hovering for prey

Exmoor sees it's beauty mirrored in a child's eyes watching the bird's display

on the Exmoor plains a stag sheds it's antlers beneath a sky of red

an artist completes a carving his creative impulse now cathartic and dead

the roots of newly created antlers are untouched by any wind

holding antlers new ideas start to form within an artists mind

does the heath frittary butterfly ever settle in the coastal woodlands?

did Samuel Taylor Coleridge's muse ever obey his visionary demands?

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David W. Parsley

Individual lines work very well for me, especially the very first and line 10. I like the inventive rhyme couples, beast-exist, prey-display.


Not as nimble as I used to be, Eclipse, but I keep losing the trail of this leaper. George and Sam keep crowding each other out, then lady blacksmith applies the final boot to whoever is left, grinds her heel on poor An Artist, and there I am.


Does 'this graceful animal whose feline beauty' help the poem mean? With me missing so much, I may be missing this, too. Seems pedestrian, registering as forced scansion. Sorry. Maybe I should quit before I get further in arears in my 'helping.'


- Dave

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