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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Down along the bawdy riverrun

she sometimes leaves her lights on

and her window open a little crack …

for to let the ghosts get in

and to let the ghosts get back.



彼女は 時々 ランプを示しています。





Sometimes she leaves her lights on

amid surrounding seas of black,

and the ghosts float in and take their ease

late in the long and lonely nights,

disembodied memories.









Apologies to those whose computers won't transcribe Japanese/Chinese characters. As if you need them, eh? We call it moji-bake. Moji means letter or character and bake (baah-kay) is a take on 'baka' which means stupid in Japanese. It's a combination of two Chinese characters which translate as 'horse-deer'. No, really. Go figure. This place never ceases to amaze me. I love it. I'm so glad I ended up here. It was a total accident after a prolonged journey east in my young youth. I love Ireland but I don't love unemployment which was our fate back then and which has now come back to haunt the present generation. We used to go to America. Now the kids run off to Australia. That's another 'Go Figure' moment ....

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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I was warbling on about my reasons for coming to Japan (none of them seriously considered) and then said something about unemployment. Just like that the computer cut me off ! Feels like China.

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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Hi Brendan, I have no idea what this about although I thought it fun to read and I enjoyed the footnote. You are always interesting.


Australia is the land that lures young Americans too. My grandfather came to America from Australia so I guess it is all cyclical. The grass is always greener.....



~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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