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Poetry Magnum Opus

Adaptation (Just for fun.)


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For several days I often heard the skittering,

run-jump of a squirrel across the roof,

then silence.


Curiosity led me to settle

in a chair on the top deck where I could view

the whole scene of the top of the house below.


Within minutes, the cautious creature climbed

a tree on the eastern side and started its run

to the west.


From the ledge, it jumped about

five feet to a limb from a near tree, then proceeded

to fly from one limb to another, tree to tree.


My thoughts were to nip this roof-runner in the bud,

so I got my ladder and saw to lop off the squirrel’s

landing limb.


I could not wait to see the varmint’s

reaction. When I next heard his nails above me,

I ran out to watch from my perch on the deck

just in time to see him reach the edge, ready to



He stopped, looking all around as though

to say, "What the hell?"


After about a minute while I gloated at having

out-foxed the critter, he launched himself

to another branch a good two feet further

away than the one I had cut off. He landed

with ease and took up his usual path,

seemingly without wonder at what had happened.

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

smiling at the comedy of poetry. just brilliant here. much enjoyed.



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Thank you Tink & Lash. If we keep our eyes open, there are marvels in our own back yards. With this economy and the propensity of furry critters, I may soon have to supplement my larder. Actually, we are not allowed to even shoot sling shots in my little town.


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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Hi Franklin lol. I my friends called me LASH. I use it for my identity of yahoo, gmail, hotmail (windos live mail), and all accounts I use which is like 2 dozen. I picked the namee Larsen because lars translates into vic or winnerin norweigan language which is half my heritage. i choosesen instead of sun because it translate into the son of from the tribe of benjamin in scripture of the bible. my father's family was from ukrane/russia.\/ prussian empire. my last name lashewitz is german and hebrew which is yiddish tongue. in aramaic, greek, hebrew and latin lashah/ lashe/ lasha (genesis 10:19) is also lashah (hebrew) or in latin Callirhoe which denotes a flower of many colors or most often violet or purplewhich denotes closeness to God in colorof thespirit (flame. Lash in Hebrew means a lion or (laisch) somehing spelled like that. which denotes tribe of Judah, I m from a levite high proest family. that is known in russia and poland. my brother and i talk about stuff mostly about our family heritage. my mom's side of the family is scandinavain. it is knudsen. in norweigain tongue it means son of the rock and it i symbol that means from the apostle peter's family. we have church records that go back to right after Yeshua/ Jesus of Natherath death. we are from mother mary and john the baptist family. she was from the tribe of levi and judah through king david. if shewas raped which some speculate fom theroman general who was close line of one of the roman Ceasurs it would be the first male yeshua from 4 tribes including the line of king davidironically through solomn the a nointed of king david's children. however jesus christ mother became [pregnant is ilrelavent lol. whether people are religious or not doen't really matter. what mattersis love one toanother roman's 13:8. didn't mean to get religion in this. was going the routeof emotology(bad spelling). willlook up later.


everyone that i grew up with called me moefrom the three stooges. as a late teenager ages people called me lash because they couldn't prounounce my last name because their was several mike's in our group.


i see you saw that i was called lash.


my yahoo account is v.mikelash@yahoo,com

i am called michael by my family. others close to me after my accident called me victor michael. two people call me victor michael both are cousins named julie ironically lol.


love thepoem. hhe.


lash or victor and no one has ever called me vic. my dad is called vic.

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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