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Poetry Magnum Opus



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I don't love you

I don't.

You just

hang around

like a piece of furniture.


I am a singer.

That's what she says.

I am an artiste!

Good-looking. Mmmm.

She sings ....


When my heart is bloo-hoo

I think of you- hoo ...

because our love

it is so true -hoo.




She: Don't you dare touch me!

He: Sweet girly-boo.

Haha. Cough.


And when the sunlight

comes shi-hi-hining through -hoo,

I will be they-hey-hair, dear,

with la-la-hahve for yoo-hoo!


Great song.

Bound to be a hit. Cough.

Shit. Sorry.

From the top, ladies?


When my hyart is bloo-ahoo ...


She: I don't think you are a nice man.

He: Oh but I am. Cough.

Have another drink.


Aya tinka yoo- hoo

bekozzara luh-hoovvvv


Cough, cough, hold on to me.

Jesus, I'm sorry.

It was gas in the War.


She: Oh, my dear, are you all right?

He: Hold on to me. Closer.

I'm so sorry, forgive me!

Izzzahaa -zo-zo -troo-hooo.




Dear sweet forbearing girl,

show me your thing, your little bobblies.

O please, please pretty please?

Show me all the hidden places of your body

where sunlight shines not through.


Cough, cough.

I am dying, sweet girl, bear with me.

I've never ever seen these things before.


Yes, she says, I will do this for you,

I will do it! I will do it!

And then, she says, will you say you love me?

I will say anything you like, my dear,

I'll say anything you damn well please!

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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A different slant to the demure, traditional "Banks of the sweet primroses" type of theme. Effective psychology (and Blarney). :smile: Ben.

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

always entertaining my poetry friend in arms. ya know what they say of course. war is hell! or is it give them bloody hell. or is that what the Englisch blokes say. i thought the yanks were the ones that came up with that saying.


on a different note. i have a new girl friend. she is a keeper. i have expterienced dreams of meeting her. 10 years ago god sweet jesus i had dreams of meeting her. weird isn't it. i even got her name right. marina I wrote that weird love ballard for her. my-god she is so beautiful with her white platinum hair.


victor michael

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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