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Poetry Magnum Opus

Lady Isabelle


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I look at you

and you are my darling

through long dark nights

and days so fair.


I look at you,

a lengthy lingering look,

when I wish to God I could have you

and snuggle into your bright hair.


I know, I know you love me.

I think I know you love me.


Don’t smile at me,

Don’t smile at me any more.

Your father will set his thugs upon me


Down by the pub in the village,

he has done this several times before.

But I am not afraid of them.


There is no future for you and me:

You are a lady, a daughter of the house

and I drive your father’s car.


Go here. Go there. Stop.

Wait for me, I may be an hour or two.


I wait for you, darling Isabelle,

in my tiny room, and at times you come,

keeping on your clothes, declaring freedom.


And you make me nervous.

I stare at you, God how I would like to …

Could you keep your voice down?


Reynolds, how dare you?

Are you suggesting my expressions are loud?

I will say what I damn well please.


There. Does that shock you?

Yes, actually. O God, that sordid bed.

Do you expect me? Of course not, Milady.


The King thought rather well of me.

I was presented at court, and I made a curtsy.

Here, let me show you.


Haha you silly boy, (tinkling laughter),

do you think I could curtsy to you?

Rage and a red rolling wave of anger.


Come, come up to my room.

They are all away at the grouse,

a seasonal frenzy, killing undelicious birds.


Come into my room, Reynolds.

Don’t be so maidenly. Remove your trousers.

It’s perfectly all right. Chop, chop!


I’m not so sure, my Lady …

O would you shut up, do you think I don’t know

who I am, what I’m doing?


I know who you are.


Take me, Reynolds!

I shall try, I shall endeavour, Ma’am.


I expect your sort wants to get on ?

Rather. Father would be so pleased.

Penetrate, Reynolds. Slightly to the left.


Left, left, left, goddam you!

I’m doing the best I can, Ma’am.

Well, it’s not bloody good enough.


More to the right. Ahh! Yes, ahhh, AHHHH ….


Do you mind me asking you, Ma’am?

God Almighty, you people never stop yapping!


May I enquire if you have reciprocal feelings?

What? Utter nonsense. Incidentally, Reynolds,

you’ll have to go. I’m afraid you’re sacked.



remove your penis.

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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