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Poetry Magnum Opus

Cruel Reality


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Cruel Reality




Cold wind across the eastern ridges


pushes me back from my northern


windows, a shiver through my chest


as real as standing on rocks exposed


by the loss of leaves along the hundreds


of miles shoved up by tectonic forces.




My life is as a tic of the eye in view


of ancient inching of masses of earth


that moved gigantic rocks, subject to even


greater brute inevitability. My soft being


cannot relate to my view of olde events


without emotion or empathy.




The hills and valleys erode and redirect


in their own time, without kinship to my


admiration and artistic wonderings


at such majesty, a one-way mentalism.


Even the bare trees ignore my angles


of composition as they reach for the sky.




Future humans will find similar mental


images if their own mental conditions


are stable enough for curiosity at things


existing unknowingly and uncaring.


Or perhaps my optimism is misplaced


and only the firmament will survive.

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David W. Parsley

fdh, I like this capture of one man's reach for unity with the universe. The sense of unreciprocated awe and empathy, with the resulting shock of alienation and impermanence. And yet it is the place where we Are, whether it will abide so or move on without us, brief flicker that we are.


- Dave

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Thank you, David, for similar thoughts. I fully expected that most would say "huh?," and probably rightfully so. The valley and the mountains that guard her are real forces in my life as they change personalities with the seasons and years. I kind of like the idea that they will be here for other wondering fools.


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I like the overt sense of proportion here, indicating access to open spaces (and time:-) to come to terms with the vastness of creation. It makes one almost feel sorry for the myopic, interdependent and insular whose values and beliefs are regulated by overcrowded urban living.G.

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Thank you my friend Geoff. Your comments always make me extend my own thoughts.

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