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Poetry Magnum Opus

Final Paper for "Foundations to Success," class

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

okay this is a computer psychology class: uses basic pyschology to help improve yourself in college:





Final Project Writing Assignment: Success Toolkit – Presentation.


Instructor Williams asks her students to look over several of the Success Toolkit assignments we did hand in during the class term. I went back gazing over all the material I did cover. Doing this purview I discover the material in this class is really helping me cope aesthetically with my ambitions and failures. The first toolkit is where I think I did learn the most retrospectively. We’re asked to organize short, intermediate, and long term goals in that writing assignment. I wrote about successes and failures in my life. Successes examples used were me getting married and the achievement of graduating High School. Two personal failure examples I used were me going through a divorce and becoming paralyzed in an accident.


I was introduced to three outstanding authors in this class - Psychology Professor Author Carol S. Dweck “Mindset, The New Psychology of Success,” - Law Professor Author Amy Chua “Battle Hymn, of the Tiger Mother” and - Author Malcolm Gladwell,“Outliers: The Story of Success.” Author Dweck prodigy of the subject of this course does explain Fixed and Growth Mindset to the world. In her book she explains how you think mentally with your Mindset shows a tremendous deal about your character psychologically. And, I adhere to the conundrums of her philosophy. I was enriched reading about the subjects these three authors expressed to others as they each want students to embrace the mindset of making a difference in a world they each figuratively wrote about in my honest opinion.


I learned copiously to use research time wisely when preparing for writing assignments because of the Success Toolkits process of origination. Success Toolkits paved the road of college for I methinks for all my future classes. Among the things I learned in this class was how to use the internet judiciously and understandably. This alone will help me in the crunch when I need to use efficiency to conserve time. Author Dweck states the brain is a muscle needing to be exercised daily and advises us not to use lingua franca context like (can’t) for it leads people to a Fixed Mindset. She strongly emphasizes you believe all things are possible with study and this in turn gives you a healthy Growth Mindset.


Divulging myself into Author Amy Chua during the colloquy in discussion groups we learn about what it takes to raise a child the way many Chinese mothers do. She explains in her book oriental children will have the foundation to be a phenomenon in life by their parents being strict and harsh. She says it is part of their heritage and culture though not all oriental parents follow her credence. We all do have to consider that there is no perfect merit system on how to raise children for she raised eyebrows in her community for being a bad parent. I alone relate to her sympathetically wishing my parents established a stricter regime with me when I had attended primary school years ago.


Another individual we met in class was the Author Gladwell. Through him the class was introduced to the term Outliers. He emphasizes you work as much as 10,000 hours of before you before you have experience to a master a profession. Reading his book you discover what the subjects of his book do in order to be labeled Outlier personalities. He explains they have focus to work hard having ambition to stand out amongst their peers justly. They can be considered just the opposite in society too being label failures for not trying and are frowned upon.


Success Toolkit assignments taught me to learn how to gauge myself with disciple, focus, and precision preparing me to use less words but more appropriate words doing research papers very quickly. In the long term I see myself being the author of poetry and a prose book. When I was in middle school I had a Growth Mindset. When I ran away from home all of a sudden I saw how hard it was to live in the real world. I saw myself as a failure putting myself in a Fixed Mindset very quickly for over ten years. When I became paralyzed from a car wreck doctors saw me as someone with no potential. I became clinically depressed finding myself back in the rut of a Fixed Mindset whereas a month earlier I saw myself on top of the world in a Growth Mindset becoming a newlywed.


Psychologically I realize this class is preparing me to reach for the stars and be all that I can be in college, family, life and the workforce. My favorite toolkit during the course of the class was writing a biography on an idol in your life. I choose to write about my idol growing up Dale Murphy. He was a star baseball player for the Atlanta Braves. He made it look so simple. As I did research on him I didn’t realize how difficult the journey was for him. I learned from him the discipline and ethics it really takes to succeed in a career as rigorous as baseball.


In conclusion the last toolkit asks simply how will you succeed in college and improve your life. These remarks by me sum up how I will achieve my goals in life. I will apply healthy choices; communicate with others; use my own identity; and use technology wisely. Though I am suffering from infirmities including being depressed from paralysis I currently enrolled in college doing well in school and I have a new girlfriend named Marina. I finally see the light at the other end of the rainbow and I suggest you to take a college course just to make connections.




Outliers: people consider genuses who stand out or failures those that could make a difference but don't reach potential.


purview: the range or limit of authority, competence. - responsibility, concern, or intention.


aesthetically: pleasing in appearance. ergonomic or attractrive.


copiously: yielding something abundantly. plentiful in numbers.


lingua franca: use of language syntax; proper grammar or syntax use.


colloquy: high level of serious discussion in groups or classes so forth.





there is a few other large words in this writing but these are the way I used these six words figuratively.teaches you computer savy skills of ethics and pyschology together.



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

hello everyy one. i am in a veryu chipper mood. i got a 100 percent "A" plus on the paper. i know they're about 3 or 4 choppy places in the paper because of what the assignment was about. the teacher asked us to sum up what we learned from five toolkit writing assignments doing the course term. toolkits are workshop type writing assignments to hone in your understanding of class writing assignments to understand the rules for each particular one of those writing assignments. two had no limity for words, two had limits of 800 words, and the last one had a limit of two hundred words. this paper was suppose to be 800 words max and i put 913 words in the paaper. I cyut out about 50 words that would make this paper understandable for everyone. the only thing i had to do was follow the rules of the writing assignment. the rules were keep it to around 800 words maxium, write what you learned from the toolkits summary, talk about your success and failures and how to improve on them, talk about the subject discussions of the three authors in the toolkits. and summerize a conclussion. i didn't need to talk about the second author the third paragraph of the paper but the logic and reasoning wouldn't be there without it i think. i could get a descent summary expression analysis without getting the author amy chua involved in the discussion. if i had another 2 or 3 days to workl on the paper i could have cut her out and mae the paper one thje professor would publish lol. but, hey not the requirements to pass. though this will byte me in tjhe ass eventually.


I got "A" ' s in all three classes. a 93 percent in one class, a 96 percent in another class, and a 99 percent in the last class. and, i know i could havve score 99 in the other two classes if my gluacoma didn't affect my eyesight and i didn't get ill for 6 days 4 weeks ago. i learned allot overall. i will get my associate degree in 1 year and a half so i am most happy.



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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