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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Yang crawls across my skin

The Dragon The Ox

By now you should have some control she says

But all men are junkies

Different adaptive tools

Geek or nerd shakes

Have replaced

Fear and trembling

Kierkegaard now less

Reduced to photo epilepsy

Accidental neural hacks

Digital shock replaces authentic

Thunder as our key strokes slow

Barely a whisper

Hardly a glance

She won’t complain

Once the stream

Has ended

In this quiet mossy pool

Obstacles overcome

Satisfaction sterile

And approved

The bull bellows flame

The women run

This incarnation

Barely moves

But Universe







Kundalini rises mountains crumble

Shiva sits on his throne and you

inherit it all I watch I wait I am

And together

We make it all

Unless you forget

Or forgo

What we promised.

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A simple human act can be elevated by a gathering of unusual ( yet interesting) metaphors. They prompted me to Google. The Dragon i.e: in Eastern philosophy, is said to be a deliverer of good fortune and a master of authority. Contrasting with the Ox's steady and serious approach to life. I liked the lines, “Kiergaard now less/ Reduced to photo epilepsy”. (Danish Soren Kiergaard : “Science and scholarship want to teach that becoming objective is the way. Christianity teaches that the way is to become subjective,to become a subject.”) Through to Kundalini “serpent power, or a residual power of of pure desire.” Your poems always seem to observe the fact that “good poetry should make you think”. Benjamin

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David W. Parsley

Okay, Doc, I really enjoy this kind of writing, but that doesn't mean I get it. Thanks to Benjamin for saving me a few steps down Google Lane.


Interesting decision to not capitalize "inherit" - all other lines begin with a cap, even the break in "same." Attention is drawn to the word. At the same time the sense of the sentence is helped and this reader is grateful. Jehovian intrusion and preeminence seems to be announced in this line, but I am unsure of the You being addressed: the reader; the bull (Gilgamesh's Bull of Heaven perhaps, or sticking with Hindu traditions, sending us back to google some more?); one of the Hindu deities previously mentioned; the She from earlier in the poem? Perplexing.


The first stanza seems to set up a showdown between the Emperor of Ice Cream and the litany of deities to follow. Again, I sheepishly confess to losing the thread. You okay with this?




Happy Holidays,

- Dave

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