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Poetry Magnum Opus

What he knew


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As a child he knew

the dark drop of disused wells.

The smells of lichen and rotted animals.

A piece of sky caught overhead,

the sharpened light of stars.

Rodents nosed around him

for stray walnuts tossed by the wind.


He knew if he sat still in this black shaft

no one would come looking for him.




Even a single enemy is too many and a thousand friends too few - Bhutanese saying.

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The retreat into a dark place to escape the darkness. A glimpse of sky, the company of vermin, the stench of rotting things - the way the world shrinks inwards. I also felt this could be an adult retreating to a 'childhood' place, which made me wonder if the evil had been perpetuated (the cycle of abuse). Either way, outside the narrative speculation, I felt the darkness.



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