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Poetry Magnum Opus

the sun does run


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the sun does run away from me


like i was the East


to the West no less He flees


to find a further peace



do i bleed the blackest blood?


am i dripping sorrow?


could it be my lack of love


and faith in no tomorrow?



have i tried, alas, and cried


seduced by Sympathy


sad for Me for I have died


reduced to misery



nothing left but one last breath


before i am no more


in dismay i say to Death,


"once again i'm yours!"



beat Me, break Me, don't forsake Me


For Heaven does await


to the garden gates do take Me


take Me to my fate



"Angel! Angel!," i rejoice


Heaven sent for me


i know the Vision and the Voice


and Her choice was Me



yes, indeed, i do bleed


the blackest of the bloods


my destiny is to be


the saddest man in Love



"that is why," the Angel said,


"Father Heaven calls.”


“No longer can He bear your dread,


So come inside these walls.”



Then into Heaven once again


back into the garden


with my wings upon the wind


my friend and i departed

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nice expression, good read.


the antithesis:

(Jesse on finding out that God left heaven leaving the Seraphi in charge when Genesis(a product of a Seraphi archangel and female demon falling in love) was born, sets out to question as well as have God himself tell him, Genesis and the world why he "quit" his job.)

(bedroom scene 1: Tulip being shot in the head get's dragged to Gran'ma's room where God resides the L'Angelles family having captured the Preacher(Jesse))

"Tulip? Why won't you talk to me, Tulip? Why won't you even look upon me?"

"because -- because I'm scared I might -- I think I might be dead..."

"And so you were, you were shot through the head, You died instantly. But I am with you, I am the resurrection and the life, and in me you live again. I love you. Look at me Tulip (Tulip looks upon God.) There's no need to be afraid."

"So... so this is... no, wait a minute, what kind of heaven is this? it looks like someone's bedroom and -- and I don't feel dead."

"You are not. I told you child, I am the resurrection, I am the way and the truth and the light; I am the Alpha and the Omega, and the bright morning star. I am the lord your god. Oh yes: I am your father in heaven, child; i love you as I love all my children on this earth, I want you to live, and I want you to love me: And I want Jesse to love me too. Go to him for me, Tulip, tell him how I love him so, that I have brought you back; tell him there is no need for him to search the world for me, or wonder why I wander far from paradise. All I ask is that he trust me once again."

"Trust you...?"

"Is that so much for the creator to ask of his creation? His grandmother and her cohorts are evil people, tell him I have restored his power over them, that he may judge them as he sees fit; then both of you may go in peace. Now, I have dealt fairly with him, Tulip. His love and trust are all but a little price to ask. What do you think he'd say?"

"I think he'd say cut the s***"


"Unbearable, isn't it? The suffering of strangers, the agony of friends.

There is a secret song at the center of the world, Joey, and its sound is like razors through flesh."


"I don't believe you."


"Oh come, you can hear its faint echo right now. I'm here to turn up the volume.

To press the stinking face of humanity into the dark blood of its own secret heart."

"There's a starving beast inside my chest
playing with me until he's bored
Then, slowly burying his tusks in my flesh
crawling his way out he rips open old wounds

When I reach for the knife placed on the bedside table
its blade reflects my determined face
to plant it in my chest
and carve a hole so deep it snaps my veins

Hollow me out, I want to feel empty"
-- "Being Able To Feel Nothing" by Oathbreaker


"Sky turns to a deeper grey

the sun fades by the moon

hell's come from the distant hills

tortures dreams of the doomed

and they pray, yet they prey

and they pray, still they prey"
-- "Still They Prey" by Cough


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thank you.

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Frank E Gibbard

While not embracing the tennets of anything spiritual I can appreciate your sound elements and rhythms, really reads well and lyrical for me so well done. Frank

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Exceptionally well crafted. I read, and read, and read, one verse after another, wondering when the rhythm's gonna fall apart, or when I'll find a line or concept that doesn't fit, but it maintains! Every verse brings something new. To death: once again I'm yours!!! Signed, "the saddest man in love!" And heaven? "Her choice was ME!" I read this repeatedly.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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