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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Shunned, unable to

pick any of heaven's locks,

an angel tricked by camouflage and a devil

tampering with earthly clocks

has his wings stripped by

the devil's winds.


Human history is mined by the angel

on his journey to earth for

a devils messages and propaganda

against a virgin birth.


Drinking infected water in a derelict

church he examines human thirst -

he is holy the water is not.


Believing he is human the angel

sees that their visions are

nursed and condemned to rot

by a disinterested God.


Every clock on Earth struck at once

their hands altered by a devil's



The angel was overwhelmed

by the clock's deafening chimes and

consumed by visions of mankind's



He was saved by the quiet

symphony of a bird and his mate

trying to translate a message from

the heavens.


To furnish and power

his barren broken wings the angel

would gather in a single feather

from every species of bird on earth.

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