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Poetry Magnum Opus

life's a bomb ab initio


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Life is a time bomb -- ab initio

'twixt life and death a braggodacio

The clock starts ticking as soon we are born

duration receding with every morn

Beats of the heart are tick of the timer

and gasps of the breath are its confiner

Its fragile so please don't try to master

else the clock will start ticking faster

As is with a bomb -- handle life with care

life won't give a chance to repent and spare

Although life's vast , dont try too fast, go slow

the earth swallows waters that go off flow

On the brink of youth all are full of trust

every challenge will be beaten to dust

Let's cross the limit , why not use drug's thrust

its white gun powder , will blow us louder !!

Slowly the gun powder will seep in the veins

killing reflexes yet soothing your pains

That false smile, is for a while it leaves strains

slowly starts eroding life's fertile plains

As age~ship drifts forwards ' long flow of time

the bomb starts following arrow of time

Our vision blurs, faint go colors, causing chagrins

they all count their sins - the countdown begins

Our brain grows blunt ,its no more vehement

life soon becomes dearer - no more a punt

Tick tock - tick tock its the final countdown

it will pelt you down it will melt your crown

boom !!! the bomb explodes sucking out your soul

harshly streched and leached into a dark hole

then comes a place that you watch with discern

your soul dancing to the tunes of nocturne

your flesh burns away , mighty stature bends

although sad but this is how the life ends

slightly as mr. elliot wrote (and sang)

not with a whimper but with a bang

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Frank E Gibbard

Well crafted a lot of common sense and rare achievement in unforced rhyming, impressive first read of your work. Welcome all round to this community.

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

i agree with tony and frank. some excellent lines twited into an awesome write. very coheisive poem. much enjoyed the read and last two lines ended the poem ith and explosion of thoughts.



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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