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Poetry Magnum Opus

BBC 2: An Interview with God ( was Jeremy Paxman interviews God)


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God wears a beret

and lives in the South of France

with his Mum the Virgin Mary.


Pina Colada!

I’ll have mine with a slice of lime

says Mary, belching politely.


Wise old cove is God.

Would yeh put that clove of garlic down

for the Divil’s after leaving


back to his home in Amerikay

where the craic is black deceiving.

I’ll be having none of them


Gobshites in my happy home.

Never since the Fall of Rome

have I seen the like of it!


Obama, Santorum or Mitt the Tit

will be leaving us all in a pile of … ordure.

Pass over them freedom fries!


Said with a sense of hauteur.

God may be odd but he’s still our only divinity

with his French passport, actually Eurozone


and talking, talking on the phone

for what seems like near infinity,

and the calls are free for sure.


Seven days! Seven fuckin days,

I’m tired of all your bleedin lies

well it was six to be factually honest:


I took a day off at the end. Any working man

is allowed his day of rest. And I was the best!

Created this world, now would yeh look at it.

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

lol bredan i laughed hard reading this lmao. the virgin mary drinking toasting god and baby jesus lol. ok seriously i call her mother mary. my father's fmily herald's from her family. my last name lshewitz is yiddish, prussian, hebrew, and geraim. it means to christen, baptise, to call, or annoint with wisdom and understanding or to know knowledge. my great aunt married into the rosenthal family and they shorrtened their names to rosen lol. i met on of her nephes thru marriage the psychatrist freak lol. ok i am related to mickey mouse and donald duck lso i look like a wierd goofy lol.




ps loved the poem commentary.

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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