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Poetry Magnum Opus

Airborne Alert


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Cold War



In a clockwise orbit


seven miles over Greenland


I stay awake with continuous


coffee, reporting our position


to SAC headquarters every


hour, waiting for, dreading


the coded call authorized


by the CinC of the USA.



When the four letters


coincide from our plastic


holders with the broadcast


that sends us across


the H-line, we don helmets


and strap into parachutes


installed in ejection seats,


our very souls on alert.



Our target is pulled


from memory and circled


on the navigator’s chart.


I start marking long-range


search radars and set jammers.


We descend to five hundred


feet, pilots closing thermal


curtains over windshields



Flying now with Forward


Looking Radar, following


the terrain, our minds go blank


as we tend to the mechanics


of duties sworn, not allowing


thoughts of nowhere left


to land.



AAA and SAMs fly past


behind us as our inexorable


path takes us at ten miles


a minute to our target


of defense missiles surrounding


Moscow. At IP inbound, I begin


jamming threat radars as flak


blossoms all around us.



At bombs away, we rise rapidly


to escape the coming nuclear


explosion, our spirits dead


to any emotion. We turn toward


home, knowing little will


be there, the enemy ICBMs


having done their job.



I exit the simulator and head


for the chow hall.

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

the last stanza was ironic. i was thinking you are lucky to be alive lol. i enjoye this immensely. was in college back in the mid 90's pre-med pharmacy. something i enjoyed at the time. now i am in cllege attending a university for computer psychology. i wan my masters in that field. i resume classed may 7. i am doing wll. i have a straght A average so far. i have a 93.7 average which is not t shabby.i wanted to take up flying i want to be on a scout plane at sea. this poem had me glued. i read your blog page. i enjoyed reading most of the logs, i will go back and read more of course. i had a free blog page on yahoo plus when it was free. without notice they discontinued the free service nd took my blog posts don. i have onethru ivy bridge university but it is not for the public. i don't know how to make my gmail blog universal lol.



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Yes. The dew line across Canada set off several false alarms, causing we crewmembers much mental torture.

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