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Poetry Magnum Opus

At Christ Cross

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Written by Larsen M. Callirhoe Pseudomyn

V. Michael Lashewitz CP!

Channeled and Written

Tuesday July 15, 2008!

Modified 11/14/2011 at 1:00 am!


I saw Yeshua and Mary M. in a vision.


They said "my child

do not fear living

for we all have fears in life

to overcome."


She said "my lover was nailed to a cross."


He did not deserve this.

His green eyes just

staired out in love

as he was nailed down

to the cross.


You are a descendant of ours

72 generations removed.

So we pray you dream again.


You will walk again.

Just give God

a reason to believe in you.

Know we love all are children.

you are divine infinite beings

as is all humans are divinity.


We love you so much Michael

I am your great grandmother

so many generations removed.


So sleep well and in peace

dearly beloved child.

When I was young

I too had sorrow in my life.


You see, my parents though they left me

with riches and wealth made me serve

as a temple prostitute till my groom arrived.


This was not as a female who sleeps around but,

in mordern times you would call me a call girl.

I was a woman who is a slave to the temple.

My servitude was pressed into action

after being taken at a young age.


I had children with three different men

in that particular incarnation.

You know such sorrow

for beng broken in body.

This input only gives and teaches

you Sophia's boundless love.


Please look at life

from many vantage points

and stop belittling Doctors.


So I leave you back to your dreams

with a beloved kiss on your forehead.

Do not sleep with anxiety anymore.


All that exists says we love you.

We each have a soul mate in every life

though sometimes you have to learn to

be alone before you learn to live together.


I knew it was just a dream

so i went back to sleep

and dreamed of my loving ancestors.


Mary's red hair was what I saw when

I woke up and her face milk white like the moon.

She was leaving my dream state I reckon.


I did not see her face clearly.

I just smelled her essence

and I saw her heart chakra shine

as she entered a different realm.


Now I know Yeshua's attention for her.


V. Michael Lashewitz

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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