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Poetry Magnum Opus

the blood blade


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it was the time the moist mist drifted away,

the mother tree emerald with light


it was the time the blue bird hung upside down,

a plumed display to dazzle my eye


it was the time the gold clam shells sang

to swim in waves beyond my play


it was the time my older sister shared

her warmest smile, her eyes so pale


it was the time my sisters adorned my skin

in red earth, their hands gentle and cunning


it was the time alone in the heart I heard

myself alive, the forest breathing


it was the time the shadow came,

danced the blood blade within my secret cave


it was the time one became two became one,

within the root I found the warmest smile seeded.

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David W. Parsley

badger, this one just sings along the surface of cherished memory, while dragging the fathom of need with fingers as gentle as mother's touch of comfort. A fine privilege to savor this piece.


Thank you.

- Dave

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

this is music to my ears badger. wow.. this needs to be published in a book for future readers to engulf themselves in. amazing write my poet friend. i really enjoyed reading this. it flowed, rhymed, and had sweet rhythm. triple exalt amigo.



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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An excellent piece Badge. I am impressed and duly humbled;-) Lyrical and mythopoetic I was left with a sense of wonder...



thegateless.org Come on over and check out my poetry substack y'all;-) Or if your bored, head to the Zazzle store: https://www.zazzle.com/store/gateless. If you buy anything I lose a bet, so consider that before you violate the digital rules.



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There is such a hypnotic clarity and depth of feeling about this, that compels one to read it over and over. I take my hat off to you Badge. :smile: Benjamin

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David W. Parsley

Well, why didn't you say so, in the first place? Can someone direct me to the hat doffing line for this poem, please?


This is a legacy-quality piece, badge. Like the others, I find myself drawn back to it again and again. It should register a dozen hits from me alone. I finally broke down and started a private file of favorite poems so that I need not worry about losing this little masterpiece to some cyber-tsunami or whatever. No spacecraft designer worth his/her salt leaves him/herself without a backup system...



- Dave

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